A revolutionary healthcare platform, designed to directly compare the costs of elective procedures in the private sector, has launched with 50 practitioners already signed up across the West Midlands. The online service – called Get Well Soon – removes the traditional barriers to entry in the private health sector, by providing a single place to compare, choose and book consultations with some of the region’s leading clinicians.

Part of the Medmin Group and headed up by CEO Keith Duddy and leading Midlands Colorectal Surgeon Simon Radley, Get Well Soon aims to empower people to choose from a variety of private healthcare providers, select the best option for their healthcare needs and book an appointment to see a specialist within a week.

For people who may be waiting months or even years for elective procedures like hernia surgery, knee and hip replacements, haemorrhoids etc., being able to compare prices across different hospitals has not been easy. Get Well Soon set out to make choosing a surgeon and hospital as simple as booking a hotel or an Airbnb stay.

The innovative platform – that was also the very first recipient of the £750,000 West Midlands co-investment fund – allows patients to review consultants and compare prices across multiple hospitals in the region. After choosing the option that best suits them, they can see clinician availability in real time and book an initial consultation with a specialist directly from the site itself, in most cases at a discounted rate to the surgeon’s usual fees.


Should the patient then decide to go to surgery, the price that has been quoted will be guaranteed by Get Well Soon provided it is booked through the platform; Get Well Soon is on a mission to eradicate the hidden costs and nasty surprises that can occur in the private sector.

Keith Duddy, CEO of Get Well Soon comments:

“Long wait times in the NHS are unfortunately now a fact of life but we know that for some people, waiting for treatment can cause immense difficulty and therefore getting treated privately might be a better option. Since the pandemic, demand for self-pay surgery has been on the rise and we understand that, for patients without health insurance, the process can often be daunting and confusing. How much will it cost? Where shall I have it done? Which doctor should I see? – these are all questions that prospective patients need to have answers to. We set out to make the process simple and transparent.”

Thanks to a rapidly growing roster of surgeons already signed up to the platform (and industry leading know-how from the GWS team’s combined experience, of more than 100 years in healthcare), West Midlands residents will have unparalleled access to the information they need to make more sustainable financial and medical choices.

Keith adds:

“We have been inspired by platforms like Airbnb and Uber, who have transformed the way millions of people approach travel and transport. We want to bring the same approach to private healthcare, making access to elective surgery simple and safe.

“With the platform now live, our focus is on reaching new patients, broadening the number of participating practitioners, and raising awareness about the choices on offer – all in an effort to ensure that patients have the information they need to make the right choice for them.”

The team behind Get Well Soon not only want to help people make better decisions for their health and their wallet, but also to make private healthcare a more viable option for those who might not previously have considered it.

Simon Radley, Chief Medical Officer, concludes:

“We’ve worked incredibly hard to onboard some of the most trusted and well-respected practitioners across the region and offer them a new way to connect with patients. Get Well Soon is paving the way for a better customer experience for patients, and a more transparent approach to private healthcare that has been sorely needed for a decade or more – and the West Midlands is only the beginning.

“As delighted as we are to bring our software to market in the heart of the UK where Get Well Soon is proudly based, we’ve set our sights on changing the norm across the country, bringing unprecedented transparency, trust, and quality to self-pay treatment.

Get Well Soon is now live with over 50 trusted practitioners available for a number of elective procedures, including inguinal hernia repairs, vasectomies, and hip replacements.