Attention all UK golf enthusiasts! Only Birdies have exciting news to share about an exclusive new product line that is now available at our online golf store, Only Birdies. We are thrilled to announce that we are now the first and only UK supplier of Byrdie Golf Designs golf clubs.

Byrdie Golf Designs is an innovative American company that handcrafts premium golf clubs made from high-quality materials. Their equipment uses advanced club fitting technology and extensive research to produce golf clubs that perform remarkably well and provide maximum forgiveness, distance, and control – all while looking stunning!

As avid golfers ourselves, we have been thoroughly impressed with the outstanding performance of BGD’s intelligently engineered clubs. The irons not only perform and feel to the same standard as many of the top brands like for like clubs, but come at a fraction of the cost. Coming in a variety of designs from cavity back irons and muscle back irons, there is a design to suit all ranges of golfers.

We are thrilled to partner with Byrdie Golf Designs to supply their cutting-edge equipment because we know it will enable our customers to get their hands on premium golf clubs, at a much more respectable price. As the first and only UK retailer to stock BGD clubs, we invite you to browse our shop and take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your gear.


All BGD clubs come with the offer of a $50 lifetime warranty that you can add on to any club purchase and free delivery comes as standard.