Carina Evans, Podium Pet Products

For Podium Pet Products founder Carina Evans, success is about getting the basics right and collaborating with experts to support business growth.

Founded 17 years ago, Podium Pet Products launched with just one product. Dog Rocks, are a natural solution, put in dog water bowls to help to stop pet urine from burning unsightly patches into lawns, grass and hedges. The product has proved to be a big hit with pet owners seeking to keep their outdoor spaces healthy.

Today, the Marlow-based company has expanded to a team of 10 full-time and part-time employees, and works with retail giants like Pets At Home and wholesaler Vital Pet Group, stocking both Dog Rocks, which has become the business’ signature product, as well as its pet wellbeing range, Beloved Petz.

The power of relationships


For Carina, the long-lasting relationships formed within the pet care industry are vital to her success: “I saw both Vital Pet Group and Pets At Home at the most recent trade show we did, and it was lovely to see the same people still in the same jobs after all this time. The pet industry is a really nice industry to be in.”

The value of these relationships to Carina is why the Podium Pet Products’ partnership with The APC Network has been so successful. Working with The APC through its member depot Delivered UK, Podium Pet Products has been able to maintain a consistently high level of service to its existing customer base.

Carina is effusive in her praise of The APC network and Delivered UK teams: “They’ve been amazing partners. They’re local to us, which is really, really useful, and very affable.” she added, “they are always at our side to help us in any way they can.”

Looking ahead together

Working primarily in the wholesale and large retail markets, Podium Pets Product is currently expanding its Beloved Petz range, as well as exploring options to enhance its e-commerce offering. In addition to maintaining a consistently high service level, the support from the team at Delivered UK has enabled Carina to concentrate on growing the business, both in the UK and internationally.

“Knowing that our UK business is being taken care of can allow me to concentrate and focus on the expansion of our international business,” Carina explained, “The peace of mind I get from knowing that we’re well looked after by The APC and Delivered UK has allowed me to expand into other markets.”

For Carina, a solid logistics partnership means the sky is the limit: “Without excellent partners, that just doesn’t happen.”