Natalia Gusarova, PhytoVita’s CEO, with husband Aigars Krastins

PhytoVita, a company from Harlow, Essex, the exclusive distributor of Iron Boost, a unique health product developed in close co-operation with the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology of Latvia, is set to revolutionise the sports nutrition industry and give new competitive advantage to British athletes.

Iron Boost is a powerful iron supplement product derived from a special variety of red beetroot juice by applying innovative membrane technology of fractionation by molecular mass. Its unique formula designed to enhance iron absorption and stimulate haemoglobin synthesis, providing a vital solution for iron deficiency anaemia.

The innovative technology was featured in the European Journal of Biological Research (November 2018) and the Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (March 2019). Now, following the successful comprehensive clinical trials and commercial success in the EU, the product is being offered to professional athletes in the UK, encouraging them to experience its exceptional benefits first-hand.

Iron Boost benefits include improved blood circulation, stabilised blood pressure, optimised cholesterol levels, intestinal motility, antioxidant effects, and increased endurance for athletes. Remarkably, these effects are noticeable after just one intake and last for 6-8 hours, offering athletes a sustained performance boost.


Athletes incorporating Iron Boost into their regimen experience significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate increases during intense physical activities, ensuring a more comfortable and productive workout session. Post-exercise, Iron Boost aids in quick body recovery, lactic acid elimination, and accelerated recuperation. Its seamless integration with other sports nutrition products guarantees optimal performance. Importantly, Iron Boost is completely free from side effects or banned substances, making it the safest choice for athletes.

Iron Boost has received a resounding endorsement from renowned British athlete Holly Alexandra Archer, who reported, “I take it before my workouts and have found that I can stay energetic and recover well after exercise.”

Outside the professional sports, Iron Boost is recommended to women suffering from iron deficiency during their menstrual cycle, making it an essential product for female athletes.

Mrs Natalia Gusarova, the CEO of PhytoVita, commented: “Being a woman and a mother of a female athlete, I know first-hand the challenges my clients face. Having numerous top reviews from the sports professionals, I am positive about the ability of this product to take female sports in the UK to a new level and bring us new victories. At the same time, I recommend this product to everyone suffering from the symptoms it alleviates, as our health should always come first. Ahead of the Christmas reason, I think, it makes a great Christmas present, too!”.

PhytoVita remains dedicated to exploring and launching pioneering innovative solutions in sports nutrition and general public health and well-being, and this initiative exemplifies its ongoing commitment to these causes.