Solar panels on house roof from Project Solar UK

Project Solar UK (PSUK) is urging homeowners to take proactive steps to prepare for the colder months and to avoid finding themselves in ‘energy debt’ – the knock-on financial strain on households due to the rising energy costs of winter.

According to its recent market research with 1,000 Brits aged 25-70, over three in five (62%) of respondents found themselves in energy debt and struggled financially as a result of last winter’s energy bills. 76% of these expressed concerns about upcoming energy costs this winter, with most of these responses coming from Liverpool and Brighton. Interestingly, it was 45-54-year-olds who were the most worried about upcoming energy bills this winter (81%).

There are plenty of ways that you can prepare your home to help reduce increased winter energy bills. The survey uncovered various actions that Brits are planning to undertake to prepare for winter. Outdoors, plans include cleaning gutters of debris, so they flow freely (25%), weatherproofing the garden and covering garden items (24%), and bringing in potted plants (15%).

In the home winter planning includes upgrading duvet tog ratings and having blankets ready for cold bursts (45%), bleeding radiators to make sure they are working properly before winter sets in (37%), servicing boilers (34%), draughtproofing windows and doors (22%), insulation checks – ensuring loft and walls have sufficient insulation (17%) and repairing roof issues including fixing any broken or loose tiles (12%).  Notably, 7% of respondents plan to install solar panels as a proactive measure to address the increased energy bills that often accompany the colder months.


Simon Peat, CEO of Project Solar UK, highlighted the importance of solar panels in addressing these concerns as we move into the colder months. He says “Our mission at Project Solar UK has always been to support homeowners when it comes to energy and to help educate and inform on the topic of solar panels. They can offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution to generate electricity all year round – helping to alleviate many people’s concerns as winter approaches.” Peat emphasised that installing solar panels is a strategic step towards reducing energy costs while reducing one’s carbon footprint. “Solar panels are not just an investment in your home’s energy efficiency, but also a sustainable way to contribute to a greener future. According to our latest survey, a quarter of people who have solar installed are not concerned at all about their energy expenses for the coming winter. By harnessing the power of the sun, no matter the weather conditions, homeowners can significantly reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources.”

To assist homeowners in their winter preparations, Project Solar UK has created a free downloadable guide filled with hacks and tips to make homes more energy-efficient during the winter months. This  guide  empowers homeowners to take action towards reducing their energy bills. Other handy tips and ideas from the general public such as lining curtains and stocking up on hot water bottles have been gathered by the BBC on its Morning Live programme.