Shed Seven - credit Mark Wheelwright

York-based quiz tech company SpeedQuizzing is offering fans of legendary indie band Shed Seven the chance to take on its five members in a fast-paced virtual quiz.

The Shed Seven themed quiz, which will be streamed live on Shed Seven’s Facebook page on Thursday night (28th May), is being hosted by SpeedQuizzing, which was co-founded by Shed Seven drummer Alan Leach.

Prior to the lockdown beginning, the company’s online quiz platform and app was used by hosts to run an average of 1,200 fast-paced, interactive quizzes every week, typically in pubs not just in the UK, but all over the world.

When the lockdown was announced, the company moved rapidly to adapt its technology to enable its quizzes to be hosted and played remotely. The result of its endeavours, a new app and online platform called SpeedQuizzing Live, has already proved hugely popular, with an average of 2,500 virtual quizzes now hosted and played every week, with some events attracting as many as 200 quizzers, often from all over the world.


This latest SpeedQuizzing Live event will see fifteen lucky fans go head-to-head against the indie icons over a series of fast-paced rounds covering everything related to Shed Seven.

It follows a number of SpeedQuizzing Live events over the last four weeks to have featured members from well-known indie bands spanning the last three decades. The first quiz featured an array of frontmen and women from the likes of Shed Seven, The Bluetones, Dubstar and The Seahorses, while the most recent contest saw drummers from the likes of Supergrass, Kaiser Chiefs and Jake Bugg, battle it out.

Commenting on the band’s chances, Alan said: “You’d think that being in the band the quiz is based on would give us a pretty tasty advantage here, but I fear the opposite may prove true.

“It’s probably fair to say that some of our memories of being in the band over the last 25 or so years are a little hazy, to say the least. Combine this apparent memory-loss with the fact that we have some very loyal and knowledgeable fans out there, and I think you start to get a fair assessment of our chances!

“Our aim, other than trying not to embarrass ourselves too much, is to have a bit of a laugh with a few fans and hopefully provide a little entertainment to anyone watching at home.”

Anyone wanting to participate in one of the qualifying heats, which take place at 9pm on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th May, can find out more detail on what to do here.

The family-run company, headquartered on the outskirts of York, recently strengthened its fifteen strong-team with the appointment of software developer John Martin. The team includes five question writers, who create and add 1,500 new questions to its database every month, ensuring every digital question pack the company creates and sells is completely unique.