Stacy Thomson, founder of REDDI

In 2022, over 366 million individuals sought love through online dating services, and this number is expected to rise to 440 million by 2027.

REDDI, a revolutionary platform launched by London-based, award-winning mental health clinician and performance coach Stacy Thomson, 44,  this app is a game-changer that leverages Attachment Theory to redefine the online dating experience.

Attachment Theory, a psychology concept developed in the 1950s, categorises individuals into three main attachment styles: secure, anxious and avoidant. REDDI’s innovative approach goes beyond mere matchmaking; it fosters a deeper understanding between potential partners by considering their psychological and emotional tendencies.

Stacy Thomson: A Visionary Founder Making a Difference


Thomson’s journey to creating REDDI was deeply personal. Burned out from years as a single woman navigating the complexities of dating apps, she found herself facing fertility challenges at the age of 41. Choosing the path of solo IVF, Thomson birthed the idea of a dating app that transcends the superficialities of modern dating. REDDI emerged as a response to the profound societal shifts in relationships, addressing the challenges faced by both men and women in their quest for meaningful connections.

What Sets REDDI Apart?

REDDI distinguishes itself as a dating app dedicated to helping users find healthy, long-term relationships. The app employs Attachment Theory, core values, and love languages to maximise the chances of creating matches with longevity. REDDI positions itself as both an on and offline dating community,  recognizing that genuine connections often take time, REDDI offers guidance and support to users seeking more meaningful interactions.

Changing the Dating Landscape

The gamification of modern dating apps often leads to a cycle of dopamine release, creating addiction, burnout, and poor decision-making. REDDI aims to shift this paradigm by altering the brain’s behaviour. The app delivers a curated experience, showing users only five quality matches per day based on attachment style, location, and age. This intentional approach discourages endless swiping and encourages users to focus on more intimate discovery, vocalising preferences, and non-negotiables within relationships.

A Call for Social Responsibility in the Dating Industry

Stacy Thomson believes in the power of social responsibility within the dating app industry. REDDI is a private, members-only platform with a subscription model, prioritising safety and quality over quantity. Thomson calls upon all dating app CEOs and founders to pledge to do business with social responsibility, contributing positively to society and improving mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

Join the REDDI Community

REDDI is a private members-only platform, and potential applicants can join by downloading the app and completing a short questionnaire. Selected members pay a subscription fee for 3 or 6 months, gaining access to an exclusive dating experience that focuses on building strong, compatible partnerships with longevity in mind.

Stacy Thomson said: “REDDI offers a thoughtful, purpose-driven approach to finding meaningful connections and at less than £15 a month, it costs less than what some people spend on takeaway coffees in a week!”

For more information, download the REDDI app and embark on a journey to redefine your online dating experience.