Rejuve’s Upcoming Longevity App Welcomes Peptide Bioregulator as Partner

‘Longevity’, an app designed to empower everyone to live longer, healthier lives, welcomes its latest partner, Peptide Bioregulator, a high quality supplement company. The app, featuring top-tier partners in supplements, wearables, testing, DNA sequencing, and epigenetics, will leverage AI, cutting-edge research, and blockchain technology to democratise access to longevity treatments and advice, making longevity a universal right, not an exclusive privilege.

The partnership marks an exciting year of research, development and outreach for the Longevity app creator, Rejuve.AI. Since it was founded, the app now has 11 partners and has raised approximately $3.5 million in funding in 2023 alone.

Peptide Bioregulator specialises in peptide supplements, which are drugs designed to optimise cellular metabolism and increase the body’s resistance to disease, while also helping to restore damaged organs and improve the immune system. The company also provides DNA testing, to help people discover genetic health risks. Thanks to this partnership, users of the Longevity app will be able to spend the tokens earned from sharing their biological, lifestyle or medical data on treatments and supplements from Peptide Bioregulator.

The Longevity app’s main goal is to give its users control over their own data and make sure they get a fair share of the compensation from its use. Users can safely share their medical, biological, and lifestyle info with a database that gives them personalised health advice. As a thanks for sharing, users will get Rejuve (RJV) tokens, which they can spend on things like supplements, services at longevity clinics and spas, wearable devices, and medical and DNA tests. The app will keep this data safe and private, and researchers will use it to find new ways to help people live longer.


Jasmine Smith, CEO of Rejuve said: “Groundbreaking science and pioneering individuals will only get us so far. To meaningfully fast-track radical healthspan extension, we need improved ways to streamline and govern interactions among biomedical players and stakeholders.

“Technology holds the answer. Combine cutting edge technology with world-leading longevity research, and we can make a huge difference to the human lifestyle, bringing access to longevity knowledge and treatments to anyone who wants to live a healthier, longer life. This is Rejuve’s reason for existence, and why we’re so excited for our app to launch. ”

The app is anticipated to launch later this year, both on Android and iOS. The app will be free to download, with premium services available by subscription, which is set to arrive later next year.