Bill Clark, new owner of Tutor Doctor Richmond, Twickenham, Putney and Wandsworth

In a bold departure from the corporate rat race, Richmond’s own Bill Clark has embraced a pivotal role at the heart of our community, steering the local tutoring firm Tutor Doctor to new heights. This remarkable transition from a high-flying career in international business to the nurturing world of education spotlights Bill’s commitment to the local community and the future of our young people.

“Leaving the corporate world behind, I’m now revelling in the joy of contributing to the education and development of our young minds in Richmond, Twickenham, Putney and Wandsworth,” says Bill. His decision marks not just a career change but a personal mission to improve life chances for young people. Bill took over the reins of the Tutor Doctor business at the start of the year with an existing team of 100 tutors and 50 clients, already expanding to reach more families, local authorities and schools across South West London.

Bill, who has called Richmond home since 2006, shares, “As a parent of two teenagers, I understand the concerns and aspirations we all share for our children. My foremost priority is to ensure that every student receives the necessary support at each stage of their educational journey.”

With an impressive three-decade legacy in sales and marketing, Bill has repurposed his considerable expertise to expand the reach of Tutor Doctor. “I’ve no regrets,” he affirms, “The sense of pride and satisfaction is immeasurable, especially as we’re making a real difference to local families.”


Bill reflects on his journey, “A few things changed in my life, and it felt like the right moment to do something that was not only different but also rewarding for my family.” His entrepreneurial spirit, fused with a desire to give back to the community where he has nurtured his own children, has led him to taking the helm at Tutor Doctor – a decision that “ticked all the boxes.” He would also like to involve his children in the business, whether that be helping with events to raise money for local charities or at the Richmond and Rosslyn Park rugby tournaments, which Tutor Doctor is sponsoring.

Tutor Doctor provides one-to-one tutoring, directly into the home either in person or via a state-of-the-art online learning platform. The company’s core belief is that ‘thinking caps’ come in all shapes and sizes. Instead of trying to impose a single style and method of learning, the Tutor Doctor ethos is that with personal, tailored assistance, all students can achieve success.

With Tutor Doctor, Bill is now leveraging his extensive background in business services, focusing on developing strong relationships with local schools and authorities. His goal? To foster an environment where students can build confidence and the skills to become lifelong learners. “I’ve been welcomed with open arms by the education sector and our clients,” Bill expresses with genuine enthusiasm. “I’m excited about the opportunity to empower as many students as I can to reach their fullest potential.”