Constant Progression by Gavin Brycw


Leadership specialist Gavin Bryce announces the launch of the second Unmasking Leaders Workshop of 2024 on Thursday 11th April in Glasgow returns by demand. The immersive full day session is aimed at helping CEOs, senior executives, managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs overcome the debilitating effects of imposter syndrome and unlock their true leadership potential.

Gavin Bryce, renowned for his expertise in leadership development, and group chair of Vistage, the world’s most trusted CEO coaching and peer advisory organisation has empowered CEOs of multi-million-pound companies to achieve their goals and maximise their leadership potential.

Imposter syndrome, often the silent adversary within, can undermine even the most accomplished leaders, hindering both personal and professional growth. With the Unmasking Leaders Workshop, participants will confront this inner saboteur head-on, gaining invaluable insights and tools to break free from self-limiting thoughts and behaviours.


“Often, the biggest challenge we face as leaders and managers is overcoming our inner saboteur, a subversive internal voice that holds us back — professionally and personally,” says Bryce.

The workshop aims to achieve several key objectives:

Understanding the Impact: Participants will gain insight into how imposter syndrome and self-limiting thoughts impact themselves, their teams, and their businesses.

Exposing the Mask: Through guided exercises, attendees will identify triggers and manifestations of their inner critic, known as ‘The Mask’.

Ending Self-Sabotage: Strategies will be provided to combat self-sabotage, procrastination, and decision-making paralysis.

Retraining Thought Patterns: Techniques will be taught to rewire thinking patterns, fostering the desired outcomes.Empowering

Teams: Leaders will learn to foster trust and productivity within their teams by addressing internal barriers.

Building Confidence and Resilience: Participants will develop the confidence and resilience necessary to navigate the challenges of leadership.

“Every person in your organisation has their own internal critic, too,” adds Bryce. “Left unchecked, these inner saboteurs can significantly impact organisational culture, productivity, and brand.”

The Unmasking Leaders Workshop offers a transformative journey to reclaim confidence and assertiveness in leadership roles. Through a series of strategies and techniques, participants will learn to reject the negative influences of their inner critic and empower their teams to unlock their full potential.

Join Gavin Bryce on a journey of rediscovery, to shed the constraints of imposter syndrome and embrace authentic identities as confident leaders.

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