Square Root to launch Doorstep Fizzy Pop

Award-wining, small batch East London based soda company Square Root will launch their Doorstep Fizzy Pop delivery service. With Square Root’s hospitality partners being closed due to the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, consumers are unable to get Square Root from their usual places. Square Root wanted to provide a simple and sustainable way for their local fans to get regular, safe & hassle free deliveries of their favourite fizzy pop direct from Square Root’s East London Soda Works. Harking back to a time when your fizzy pop would get delivered to you door in returnable crates (source pg. 28), Square Root have created their own modern grab packs designed to be delivered on a weekly round of their local East London area.

Subscriptions can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly and consumers can choose to get more than one box delivered each time. Initially the service will be launching in Square Root’s local area, covering the following areas: E5, E9, E8, E10, E11 & E17. Square Root hope to be able to expand the service London-wide in the near future and consumers outside of the launch area can register their interest in the service to help prioritise their area.

Contact free deliveries are made in partnership with ZED Waltham Forest – a zero emissions electric bicycle courier company with the aim of creating a less congested, less polluted and more liveable London. All deliveries will be carbon neutral and the grab packs will be dropped to people’s doorsteps with no signature required and no contact made between courier and customer.

The Doorstep Fizzy Pop packs are priced at £12 – 14 and £1 from the sale of every pack is being donated to The Drinks Trust. The Drinks Trust is a community organisation established in 1886 to provide care and support to the people who form the drinks industry workforce – some of the most affected members of the community by COVID-19. The Drinks Trust has seen a huge increase in the demand for their service and are more in need than ever in donations and support.


The Doorstep Fizzy Pop delivery service is the latest innovation from one of the soft drink sector’s most exciting independent producers. Square Root began in founders Ed Taylor and Robyn Simms’s kitchen in 2012. They began making ginger beer to sell at a local farmers market. Soon they were producing new flavours every week, so enlisted 1920s delivery tricycle, Elsie, and started peddling around London, serving the crowds at KERB street food markets. Blown away by the demand for their soda, in 2013 they founded the Square Root Soda Works with the aim of creating innovative new drinks, made with as much effort and quality as alcoholic drinks. Using Robyn’s expertise as a chemist and Ed’s experienced gained from years of working as a brewer, together they invented any equipment they needed which didn’t exist already and began producing interesting alcohol alternatives for thirsty Londoners and beyond.

All Square Root products are made using fresh ingredients and contain no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners or additives. Uniquely, the whole production process is controlled in house from start to finish by Square Root, so they can ensure the highest quality. Packaging is handled on site, so their drinks taste fresher and they limit their carbon foot print by not sending drinks needlessly from one factory to another.

The Doorstep Fizzy Pop delivery service is the latest way for Londoners to get their hands on the Square Root soda collection, which includes their core range of sodas, seasonal sodas (created and released in line with the farming seasons), tonic waters, non-alcoholic RTD cocktails and limited-edition collaborations.