Sandra and Chris McDonough

A Lincolnshire business created to improve the life experience of people with Parkinson’s has announced a raft of commitments to ensure its operations are environmentally sustainable.

Since the inception of Eye Guide MC, a business based in Long Sutton, Spalding, husband and wife duo, Chris and Sandra McDonough have made it their mission to ensure the company didn’t add to the ever-increasing carbon footprint on the planet by sourcing locally, using recycled materials and going digital where possible.

Sandra McDonough, inventor of the Eye Guide MC – a small, non-intrusive device which can control the symptoms of Parkinson’s – has Parkinson’s herself. Before she had the breakthrough for her invention, her illness stopped Sandra from enjoying the outdoors and exploring – which is why she is dedicated to preserving the planet and ensuring her business boosts its eco-credentials.

Sandra said: “From the outset of making the Eye Guide MC, I was adamant we would do all we could as a company to ensure we didn’t increase our carbon footprint on the planet.


“For those that know me, they know how important the environment is to me. I am passionate about reducing plastic waste, so this was one of the first things Chris and I considered at the start of our journey to becoming business owners.”

The Eye Guide MC device arms are specifically made from recycled plastic, and the device itself is made with no wires to plug in or batteries to recharge, therefore not adding to energy consumption – there is also no need for surgery either, which means the Eye Guide MC is as non-invasive to you and to the environment as it possibly can be.

The husband-and-wife duo were also keen to find a local manufacturer to create the device, as it would prevent any unnecessary travel and greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere. It also meant that the small Lincolnshire business was giving back to its community and supporting other local businesses.

Sandra added: “There was no doubt in our minds that we wanted the product to be made as near to our HQ and clinic in Long Sutton as possible, so we opted for a family-run manufacturer in Kings Lynn, just 17 miles away.”

Once the company had sourced a local manufacturer and knew the product arms were being made from recycled plastic, they turned to the next mission of ensuring the presentation boxes followed suit.

Their navy-blue presentation boxes are also fully recyclable, and any leaflets and brochures that are supplied to customers are printed using recycled paper.

Eye Guide MC are trying where possible to move away from paper, and switch to digital technologies, which is why they have recently launched a digital newsletter to keep its growing community up to date with its news and advancements.

Sandra commented: “Even small businesses like ours can have a positive impact and make small changes and actions that will make a big impact on our planet. Whether you cut down on paper, or just swap to recycled materials it’s all part of the bigger picture.”

Eye Guide MC prides itself on its commitment to partnering with companies that share its dedication and commitment to sustainable business practices. The business will endeavour to ensure that Eye Guide MC continues to learn about new ways to reduce waste and become as sustainable as possible.