The Big Flex launches today, an exciting collaboration between key organisations in the flexible working space coming together to provide a way for employers to reach a wide flexible audience. The collective group includes the Find your flex Group, The Daisy Chain, Beyondtheschoolrun and That works for me and is the first of it’s kind in this space.

The Big Flex will provide employers with instant access to over 1.5m new candidates a month by profiling their brands and roles across all 4 platforms from only £475 a month, whilst giving Flexible Job Seekers access to more flexible employer brands than ever before – in the places that they search for work and opportunities.

The Big Flex provides an opportunity to reach a range of talent including mothers, fathers, women, Early career seekers, mid-life career changers, a growing BAME community and more. Each of the organisations are recognized within this space and by coming together are creating an exciting opportunity for those brands who wish to be part of positive change within the world of work.

The packages will include job postings and packages tailored to employer requirements.

Cheney Hamilton, Founder & CEO of The Find Your Flex Group says: “Businesses have seen first hand the ups and downs of remote working throughout Covid19, true flexible working is more than just choosing where you work, it’s about how you work and when you work too. Most importantly it should be accessible to all. Flexible working is bigger than the sum of our parts. It’s a key human, societal change-making and economic, driver. “

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