MEF CONNECTS ID & AUTH: The Dawn of Personal and Organizational Identity, a hybrid (in person and live streamed) event in London on 25th May 2023.

Today, the industry is aligning new and existing technology, governance, models, regulations, and individuals’ sentiments to reshape Internet-enhanced online and offline phygital (physical-digital) experiences and services. Central to these efforts is personal and organizational identity. This is the first event to explore organizational identity (OI) alongside personal identity.

According to Michael Becker, CEO of Identity Praxis and MEF Personal Data & Identity Working Group Chair, “Organizational Identity is a new capability for organizations and their agents (humans, machines, bots, and AIs) to be able to assert their identity and make claims related to their authority, and for individuals to verify these assertations without any human intervention. OI has the potential to streamline the customer journey and supply chains, reduce operational costs, mitigate cybercrime across telecom and related channels, and reinvigorate organizational trust and reputations.”

As a result of recent personal and organizational identity standards, governance, regulations, and related technological innovations, more will change in the next five years than in the last hundred.  A new era of systemic trust, reputation-driven, phygital engagements is on the horizon.


So how will it work? Where are we now? How soon will this be a reality? Who are the major players to watch? What does it mean in the real world? How will it change the way we interact with large organisations? Who will own the data, and what will happen to it?

Find out at on May 25th at MEF CONNECTS ID & AUTH: The Dawn of Personal and Organizational Identity.

Over one day—18 sessions, with 40+ global leaders—we will explore the dawn of personal and organizational identity.

Topics being discussed at the event include the current ID and AUTH landscape; the power of data as an identifier and how it is collected and used for both good and bad; the dawn of organizational identity – global governance for delegated authority; Entity Identity and what this means for trust and engagement; how do we use, create and maintain organizational identity credentials; UK industry governance through regulation; the implications of eIDAS for people and business; open wallets and the customer journey; mobile intelligence – securing and streamlining engagement; validating proof of life – how credentials and liveness tests will combat fraud and bias; is the IoT the next major privacy threat; how to empower creators and individuals with a value shift from the platform to the people; and the necessity of Age Assurance in a digital world.

You’ll hear from top global experts, including:


  • Andrew Bud, CEO, iProov and MEF Chairman (England), a global leader in telecom and the founder of one of the world’s leading facial recognition biometrics service providers, iProov.
  • Stephan, Wolf, CEO, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (Germany), in 2014, in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis, the G20 and the Financial Stability Board established GLEIF to create a globally recognized, standards-based, governance and operating mobile for overseeing Legal Entity Identifiers (a key component to the future of organizational identity).
  • Daniel, Goldscheider, Founder and Executive Director, OpenWallet Foundation (OWF) (Switzerland), OFW was established in February 2023 as a global non-profit dedicated to supporting the development of standards-based, interoperable (cross-network, cross-device, cross-currency, cross-channel) open-source Smart Wallet capabilities and the governance models to guide the industry. Smart Wallets will be the primary means for people and organizations (enterprises, and governments) alike to issue, store, retrieve and use personal and organizational identity credentials­­­; the SmartWallet will be used to assert identity claims, securely access services, and gradually share elements of personal and organizational data.

Other speakers include:

  • Alison McDowell, Co-founder Beruku Identity (England) – helped co-author the UK Identity Trust Framework
  • Andrew Tobin, Commercial Director, Europe, Digital Trust Services, Gen (England) – works with the EU on global eIDAS standards and regulations
  • Barbara Langer, Co-Founder and Director of Insights, Insights Angels (England) – can give the latest stats from the MEF Trust Study
  • Bradley Greer, Senior Director, Data Solutions & Partnerships, NetNumber (United States)
  • Chris Swan, Engineer, ATSign (England)
  • David Palmer, Blockchain and Business IoT Lead, Vodafone (England)
  • David Vigar, VP & GM, TruSense (England)
  • Eric Priezkalns, Chief Executive, Risk & Assurance Group (United Kingdom)
  • Fraser King, Head of Commercial Strategy and Identity, Vodafone (England)
  • Gary Fegan, Solutions Architect and Technical Product Manager, Fujitsu (England)
  • Iain Corby, Executive Director, Age Age Verification Providers Association (England)
  • Jimmy Jones, Head of Security, ZARIOT (England)
  • John Bruner, President, and CEO, Aegis Mobile (United States)
  • Kevin Sullivan, President, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.), Leading Points (United States) – helping business access of 35 million active duty and retired U.S. military personnel, all while ensuring each individual is in control of their identity
  • Marie Austenaa, Head of Digital Identity, Visa (Norway)
  • Michael Becker, CEO, Identity Praxis, Inc. (United States)
  • Nassia Skoulikariti, Founder, Apiro Data (England)
  • Nicholas Venezia, CEO & Founder, Centillion Group Inc. (United States)
  • Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, Open Identity Exchange (England)
  • Noah Rafalko, CEO, TSG Global, Inc. (United States)
  • Randy Warshaw, Co-founder, CEO, Provenant Inc. (United States) – first and world’s only QvLEI company; there will be more.
  • Rebekah Johnson, Founder and CEO, Numeracle (United States)
  • Russ Cohn, General Manager EMEA, OCR Labs (England)
  • Simon Wood, Group CEO, Ubisecure (England)
  • Singe Deakins, Founder & CEO, CitizenMe (England) – a global leader in personal information management systems and personal data stores, services that promise to give people back control of their data
  • Soren Schafft, Founder & CEO, The Campaign Registry (United States) – processes millions of organizational IDs to support 10 digital long-code campaigns.
  • Stephan Wolf, CEO, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (Germany)
  • Steve, Hewitt, Founder, Profitunity Ltd (England)
  • Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services, XConnect (England)
  • Timothy Ruff, Co-Founder, Digital Trust Ventures (United States) – one of the early luminaries of Self-sovereign identity and a key driver behind commercializing organization identity and bringing it to light.

A wide range of topics will be covered, including:

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