In the pursuit of career advancement, the importance of self-promotion cannot be underestimated. Recognising this leading media law practice, Tan Ward shares its insights and innovative advice on how to effectively self-promote and enhance your reputation.

In today’s highly competitive job market, women have worked diligently to break stereotypes and ascend to influential positions. And, in a world where merit alone is not always enough, self-promotion is a crucial weapon in their arsenal, allowing them to showcase their skills and accomplishments and ultimately propel their careers further.

We often struggle to own our accomplishments for fear of being judged or arrogant,” says Praveen Bhatia, CEO and co-owner at Tan Ward. “What many fail to see is that effective self-promotion is not boastfulness, but rather a strategic approach to thought leadership that highlights one’s abilities and achievements“.

By reframing self-promotion as a vital tool for professional growth, women can cultivate confidence and raise their visibility without alienating colleagues. “It’s not congratulating yourself; it’s about taking control of your narrative and ensuring your strengths and achievements are recognised,” adds Daniela Korn, Head of Employment and co-owner at Tan Ward.


Encouraging women to embrace honest self-promotion as a strategic tool to navigate their careers successfully, Daniela and Praveen offer their top tips to perfect this fine art.

  1. Build Your Community: Cultivate authentic relationships both inside and outside your organisation. Attend industry events, join professional associations, and nurture connections with mentors and influencers. “Diversity within your network will open doors to new opportunities and increased visibility,” adds Praveen.
  2. Develop a Strong Personal Brand: Defining your brand enables you to showcase your talents and skills. Be intentional and consistent with the image you project through your work, online presence, and personal interactions. Focus on communicating your qualities, expertise, and values while remaining true to yourself.
  3. Showcase your achievements strategically: “Rather than simply compiling a list of accomplishments, strategically showcase your achievements by aligning them with the needs of your organisation,” says Daniela. Highlight results and quantifiable impact whenever possible. Frame your successes in a way that demonstrates your value to the team and the organisation as a whole.
  4. Leverage Social Media: In today’s digital age, using social media platforms strategically can significantly amplify your professional visibility. Engage in industry-specific conversations, share valuable insights, and showcase your expertise through thought leadership content. LinkedIn, Twitter, and professional blogs are powerful tools that can help you build a reputation as a knowledgeable authority and community-builder in your field.
  5. Seize opportunities to lead: Seek out leadership roles or projects where you can demonstrate your abilities and make a positive impact. Presenting at conferences, webinars, or industry events can position you as a leader in your domain and at the heart of the big debates within your field. Not only does it offer an opportunity to share your expertise, but it also provides invaluable exposure and a route to engage with colleagues, clients, and potential employers.
  6. Be a generous team player: Collaboration and teamwork are essential components of success, and building a reputation as a helpful and supportive colleague is essential for successful self-promotion. Offer help and support to colleagues through mentoring and sharing knowledge, give credit where it is due, and acknowledge the contributions of others. Being a generous team player cultivates positive relationships and naturally enhances your overall visibility.

Be strategic, not pushy,” Praveen advises. “Humility and confidence can coexist, and finding the right balance is essential. Aim to highlight your strengths and the positive impact of your work without diminishing others.”

By embracing the power of self-promotion, women can shatter glass ceilings, gain recognition for their achievements, and inspire the next generation of female professionals.