Due to the financial impact caused by COVID-19, thousands of people across the UK are having to retrain and mobilise new skills, to ensure that they can continue to work during the pandemic. Many sectors are facing huge uncertainty and loss of jobs, which in turn has seen as many as 1 in 4 people look to their side hustle for financial security.

Gita Joshi, the founder of The Curator’s Salon, is an independent art curator, writer, and podcast host, but more importantly a coach to artists looking to establish themselves and sell their art. Gita, who published ‘Show Your Art: How to Build an Art Career Without a Gallery’ earlier this year, empowers emerging artists to sell their art without the support of an art gallery.

Artists are shown how to create opportunities, and how to turn their passion projects into something more than a side hustle with Gita’s online workshops and self-published book. After following a career change herself, Gita is passionate about people making money from what they love and believes that now is the time to make money as an artist. Gita, comments:

“With all of the uncertainty in many jobs across the UK, I believe that now more than ever, people should be working in a job they are passionate about. 2020 has seen a rise in the need for flexibility, and there is nothing more flexible than being the creator and seller of your own art. More and more people are wanting to be their own boss, and I love helping them make it happen.
“I am a massive advocate for artists knowing their worth and receiving the money they deserve for their hard work. It is a common belief amongst artists that the only way to reach an audience and to sell their artwork is through art galleries, but once I show them that the only tool they need is their story, they are inspired to continue to build a life of success with their art.”


Although during recent months there has been a decrease in art sales within galleries, there has been an 27% increase in online sales. As the last few months has seen the UK in and out of lockdown, more and more people have re-decorated the homes in which they were forced to remain in and have invested in new artwork to appear in on their walls.

Gita continues:

“It’s a strange time for the art sector as it faces a range of financial cuts and closures, however with the rise in re-decorating, and the nation-wide support for small businesses, it’s the perfect time to establish yourself as an artist and find your audience. The pandemic has created such unprecedented times, but also, in turn, has offered lots of people the chance to pivot, re-establish themselves and build on their side hustle.”