TOVARITCH! Premium Vodka has garnered 145 industry awards, making this 100% European brand the world’s most highly awarded vodka. Now the brand is set to make advances in the UK where, until now, it’s been little known.

Don’t be misled by the Russian brand name. The word ‘tovaritch’ means ‘friend’ or ‘buddy’ in Russian. The name reflects the recipe’s 200-year heritage and forms the basis of the brand’s ethos.

The brand owner immediately switched to European production over two years’ ago, in February 2022, as soon as the attacks by Russia on Ukraine began so that TOVARITCH! is European through and through. This fine spirit is made in the Baltic state of Latvia, part of the EU, and uses only European materials in terms of ingredients, production, and packaging. Trade customers and consumers concerned about provenance, therefore, can purchase this product with total confidence.

It is packaged in a traditional simple yet elegant 70cl bottle and is 37.5% ABV with an RRP of around £23-25. This makes brand one of the best in class as a pouring or sipping vodka. Its meticulous production process delivers a smooth and satisfying finish. Awards donors include IWSC, The Spirits Business, International Spirits Challenge. TOVARITCH! Vodka, which is beloved by vodka connoisseurs across the world, is made from traceable European wheat, it is distilled five time and filtered 10 times.


Made to a traditional recipe, TOVARITCH! was created in the 18th century by the noble family of Count Jules Rene Litta. Marquis Eugenio Litta Modignani, the CEO and founder of the modern company which owns the brand, TSI S.A., rediscovered the family masterpiece and launched this authentic brand in the 20th century.

Eugenio Litta Modignani said: “Tradition is at the heart of the brand’s excellence, but a contemporary approach is the key to our continuing success. This is exemplified by our agility when we made the rapid decision to switch production to Europe giving our vodka a new home, a new beginning and a new, contemporary blue and white brand identity, replacing the previous red logo and reflecting its new positioning. Our brand is resilient, excellent, and now more accessible than ever before. We are delighted but not surprised that ours is the most awarded spirit in its category.”

The clean, contemporary bottle design and label are skilfully designed to give this brand prominent shelf presence and to be instantly recognisable. For the on-trade, the brand offers a range of point-of-sale assets to support listings and encourage brand recognition and sell-through.

The taste is refined and zesty and combines ‘a lovely balance of stone fruit and peppery spice notes [that] stimulate the senses,’ according to IWSC. “The brand is authentic, traditional and has a price point that is affordable with a quality that will appeal to the most discerning consumer,” says Eugenio Litta Modignani. “As more consumers embrace authentic, traditionally crafted spirits, we are anticipating that UK trade customers will wish to list TOVARITCH! Vodka.”

He and his team believe TOVARITCH! is poised to take over the market segment vacated by the withdrawal of Russian Standard from the market as well as being a cost-effective and appealing alternative to classic ‘big name’ vodkas. It is unbeatable in value and quality as it is 10% more affordable than global category leaders, but without compromising on taste and quality, making this ideal for retailers and for the on-trade. This exceptionally smooth and versatile spirit is perfect as a base for mixers and cocktails.

The brand already has a global footprint and is sold in the UK, Italy, Benelux, Portugal, Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania, Malta, Turkey, Jordan, Oman, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Asia.

The Geneva-based company which owns TOVARITCH! Vodka views the UK and Australia as its next big growth areas. With total world vodka sales projected to surpass US$40 billion by 2030 (Source: The Spirits Business), this previously static category is set for a comeback as a new generation discovers vodka, which remains the largest spirits category. As the gin category slows, there is a significant opportunity for exciting premium vodka brands to carve a niche for themselves.