HICH Ltd.'s Journey to 13 Years of Excellence

In the depths of the 2009 winter, one of the UK’s coldest in over two decades, Philip Milne, a building insurance validation surveyor with an extensive trade background, was at the forefront of addressing an avalanche of insurance claims. During this period, Milne worked relentlessly, uncovering a systemic issue in the property insurance sector: an alarmingly high rejection rate of claims, especially pronounced in new builds and recently acquired homes, where poor craftsmanship and gradual wear and tear frequently led to denials.

The subsequent winter season of 2010-11 brought this issue into sharper focus, with a significant number of storm-related claims for new build properties being rejected due to poor workmanship. This situation spotlighted the inefficacy of standard property surveys and the limitations of warranties in providing necessary homeowner support.

Driven by these revelations, Philip Milne founded HICH Ltd. in March 2011, aiming to redefine property surveying and inspections. HICH Ltd. set out to offer thorough property appraisals, employing specialist equipment for comprehensive evaluations, including hard-to-reach areas like roofing. The company’s innovative approach streamlined the inspection process, offering services such as thermographic surveys and asbestos management, all under one roof.

With a commitment to fairness and transparency, HICH Ltd. introduced a pricing model based on property size, rather than value or location, and utilised advanced AI technology to simplify bookings and report generation. This customer-centric model quickly set HICH Ltd. apart, as evidenced by stellar TrustPilot reviews.


Philip Milne, Founder and Director of HICH Ltd. remarks “HICH Ltd. is all about attention to detail, customer service and value for money by being transparent and maintaining a high level of integrity so all our customers feel safe using our service.”

Under Philip Milne’s leadership, HICH Ltd. has become a beacon of innovation in property surveying, committed to aiding homeowners navigate the complexities of property ownership and insurance claims. As the company looks ahead into its 13th year, its journey from a response to a winter crisis to a leader in property inspections continues to inspire change in the sector.

Jonathan Bird
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