Abbie the Ambulance

The company behind the original ride-on luggage for children has teamed up with Stafford-based Addmaster to welcome the first ever antimicrobial addition to its range.

Trunki, which was invented by company founder and CEO Rob Law in 2006, has launched Abbie the Ambulance in time for Christmas and is made with in-built Biomaster technology that inhibits the growth of harmful microbes on surfaces.

The protection works 24/7 and is effective for the lifetime of the product, giving additional hygienic safety as it travels across the UK and the world.

As a thank you to the many key workers who have gone above and beyond to support the community this year, the new Trunki is named after a paramedic named Abbie who was nominated by friends and family for her hard work.


Her namesake Abbie the Ambulance is made from lightweight plastic and is covered by a 5-year guarantee. With 18 litres capacity and secure lockable catches, she can be used as hand luggage for holidays or perfect overnight bags for sleepovers.

“I’m delighted to launch Abbie with Biomaster protection, enabling Trunki to be relevant to our customers in this new normal and giving parents that extra confidence to travel safely,” explained Trunki’s Rob Law.

Paul Morris, Chief Executive Officer of Addmaster, continued: “SARS-CoV-2 has really focused consumer attention towards the importance of hygiene and companies across all sectors are now investing heavily in trying to deliver peace of mind through additional protection.

“Trunki has always been at the forefront of innovation in child luggage and it is again, with Abbie the Ambulance becoming the first product of its type to be made with Biomaster. This means no harmful microbes and bacteria can grow on the product, a product that prior to the pandemic would see it travel all over the country and the world.”

He concluded: “2020 has been a challenging, but ultimately rewarding year for the business, with our third Queen’s Award secured and sales up 60% for our antimicrobial additive technology. This shows no signs of slowing and we’re expecting further growth over the next twelve months.”