Ruhail Gulzar presents at ICMIAM

As new statistics reveal that poor-quality housing could be behind the growing health crisis, Trust Electric Heating has pledged to make safe heating more accessible, cost effective and efficient for homeowners across the UK.

Recent statistics from the Energy Security and Net Zero Committee have revealed that more than 5,000 winter deaths during 2023 were caused by living in a cold home, which can lead to health problems and diseases including increased blood pressure, heart attacks, and pneumonia, particularly in the elderly and vulnerable.

In an ongoing effort to make heating homes more efficient and support infrastructure ahead of net zero, Trust has been instrumental in redeveloping thermostat technology. The company has launched the award-winning NEOS electric radiator, which is proven to help consumers save up to 50% on running costs. It is also up to 290% more conductive and 59.4% more effective than standard radiators.

Constructed from aluminium, the NEOS radiator is resistant to corrosion and rust which can contribute to respiratory issues due to the emitted particles. This can be beneficial for individuals with sensitivities and allergies.


To continually drive innovations and improve the efficiency of electric heating systems, Trust teamed up with the University of Huddersfield for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, which saw new products tested in the university’s ‘Smart House’ research facility to ensure the efficiency of Trust Electric Heating products, and guarantee claims are backed by independent scientific research.

The partnership findings were presented at the International Conference on Maintenance and Intelligent Asset Management (ICMIAM), which took place at Federation University in Australia between the 6th – 8th December. The final report concluded that the claims were accurate and determined that room temperatures remain, on average, at 27 °C when the radiator’s surface temperature reaches 60°C, meaning homeowners won’t experience cold spots. In turn, this reduces the risk of mould and associated illnesses.

In addition, Trust is continuing to redevelop thermostats and smart technologies to make them more accessible and drive behavioural changes around heat management. The company is currently working on a new system specially designed to help the vulnerable to manage their homes safely.

Fiona Conor, Managing Director, says “The recent statistics really highlight where improvements need to be made. People are at the heart of what we do, and for us, it’s an absolute priority that we continue to make heating as accessible and sustainable as possible to tackle the issues at hand through well-researched product development.”

Trust Electric Heating was founded in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength. This year, the company has invested more than £150k into doubling its premises to accommodate expansion. Last year, Scott Conor, Founder and Head Engineer at Trust Electric Heating was awarded a place at a prestigious Design Engineering Innovation Lab to help develop new technologies and overcome the challenges faced in creating net zero heating solutions.