Data quality and email deliverability company Validity has announced its partnership with the upcoming Sales Innovation Virtual and B2B Marketing Virtual online events. The move illustrates the importance of events, whether virtual or online, to the health of the marketing and sales industry, Validity says.

Sales Innovation Virtual and B2B Marketing Virtual collocated with MTEX Virtual, take place online on the 18th and 19th November 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the conference and awards schedule across all sectors, with many deferred until 2021, or opting to go fully online. Sales and marketing events have shared the same fate. Sales Innovation Expo was originally slated to be a physical event at London’s ExCel in March 2020. Although some industry commentators have suggested virtual events are a less effective model than their traditional physical alternatives, Validity believes events, whether physical or online, are crucial to the health of the industry.

Helen Parslow, VP International Marketing at Validity said “Marketers and salespeople, like professionals across all sectors, have been trying to navigate their way through an uncertain and treacherous environment this year. There have been successes and failures, of course, but we believe the challenges 2020 has brought have only served to strengthen the resolve and expertise of marketing professionals globally.


“There is so much important knowledge and experience to be shared that is actionable right here and right now. Coming together, albeit virtually, to share that knowledge with our peers is crucial to the health of the industry as a whole. That vital knowledge exchange is not lost in the transition online, and that’s ultimately the most important benefit right now” said Parlsow.

Keiran Prior, Marketing Manager at Roar B2B said “In-person connection has always been a vital part of the sales process, with expos and conferences having been a key date for the sales pipeline of organisations in every sector. This year this concept has been tested, and the industry has had to adapt. Fully online events are an unexpected and novel alternative to physical events, and the industry is still grappling with the finer details. It’s only with the support of industry partners like Validity that we can find our way through this new normal.”

Validity will be presenting two sessions during the online event, hinging on Validity’s knowledge of data quality and governance in marketing.

Guy Hanson, Vice President, Customer Engagement (International), Validity, will be a keynote on both events hosting his session, “Great data: the foundation for sales and marketing relationships” on the Sales Innovation Virtual platform at 12-12.30pm (GMT) on 18th November and on the B2B & MTEX platform at 10-10.30am (GMT), 19th November.

Chris Hyde, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations, Validity, will be hosting his session “Next level productivity on the Salesforce platform with GridBuddy” on the Sales Innovation Virtual Platform at 11.45-12.15pm (GMT), 19th November.

Marketers interested in registering for Sales Innovation Virtual and the B2B Marketing Virtual collocated with MTEX Virtual can do so free on the events’ websites.