Workhuman®, the company revolutionising the way employees celebrate, connect with, and appreciate each other in the workplace, has today announced several key leadership appointments, underscoring the organisation’s commitment to business growth while leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies to develop superior employee recognition and engagement solutions. The appointments include:

  • Richard Maclachlan, Chief Marketing Officer: As CMO, Maclachlan will oversee the Global Marketing team, handling responsibilities across brand and creative, product marketing, digital transformation, growth marketing, revenue operations, and global communications. Maclachlan’s focus will be on refining and communicating Workhuman’s value propositions, making them clear and compelling to both current and future customers.“We’re on a mission to make work more human for every company on the planet, and I feel deeply responsible for bringing that vision to life through a cohesive and AI driven strategy that enhances our brand’s global presence and delivers tangible growth while showcasing the genuine impact of our solutions on workplaces globally,” said Maclachlan. 
  • Kevin Heinzelman, Senior Vice President, Product Management: Initially joining Workhuman in 2019, Heinzelman has held several leadership positions throughout his tenure across ecommerce and product management, most recently serving as VP, Product Management. As SVP, he will oversee Workhuman’s Product Management and Design, Business Analytics, and Workhuman iQ teams, and will accelerate Workhuman’s momentum toward AI dominance.“By capitalising on the unique strengths of each department and aligning our efforts into a unified strategy, we’re not just refining our product roadmap – we’re shaping the future of employee recognition and setting new benchmarks for innovation and technological excellence,” said Heinzelman. 
  • Shmulik Barel, Vice President, Product Engineering: With a robust background in leading technology disruptors through hyper-growth phases, Barel will work to create hybrid intelligence systems that blend human and AI to redefine efficiency and innovation in the workplace. Based in the company’s Dublin headquarters, Barel will apply learning from his various C-level roles across operations, product, and engineering to enhance Workhuman’s core product suite and develop new AI-driven tools that facilitate dynamic workforce and employee engagement.“Recognising the evolving challenges in workforce management, including keeping employees engaged, productive, and motivated, my goal in joining Workhuman is to drive meaningful change through innovation powered by the synergy of human and artificial intelligence,” said Barel. 
  • Jose Malpartida, Vice President, Product Management, Recognition Solutions: Malpartida brings over a decade of experience in product management, serving in various leadership roles across a diverse range of companies, including Amazon, Wayfair, and cybersecurity startups, Aura and Bond. Malpartida will develop and deliver enhanced social recognition solutions and will focus on integrating AI and other emerging technologies into Workhuman’s technological infrastructure to optimise and enhance the customer experience.“I firmly believe that AI will be instrumental in accelerating Workhuman’s mission to cultivate more compassionate workplaces, and I look forward to applying my experience with emerging technologies to drive meaningful change in the way we work,” said Malpartida.

“Leveraging cutting-edge technologies to foster innovation and push the boundaries of what is possible in the workplace is deeply embedded into Workhuman’s ethos and DNA,” said Eric Mosley, Workhuman co-founder and CEO. “Each of these distinguished leaders brings a wealth of experience in using AI and other emerging technologies to inspire their teams to embrace new ways of working and drive meaningful business outcomes. Their collective expertise will be pivotal in our mission to make work more human for every person on the planet.”

As the pioneer in employee recognition technology, Workhuman is committed to continuous innovation and transforming the modern workplace into a vibrant and diverse ecosystem of appreciation and connectivity. Most recently, Workhuman announced the addition of a generative AI assistant to Workhuman iQ, the industry’s most comprehensive AI-powered social analytics solution, which allows customers to gain instant access to an aggregate knowledge base encompassing the strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potential of their entire workforce – all without the need for data analytics expertise.

Workhuman® is helping companies meet today’s biggest human capital challenges – including unprecedented turnover, employee engagement, hybrid work environments, and DEI – through the Workhuman Cloud®, a secure SaaS platform that provides the industry’s best-in-class Social Recognition® solution. As the leading global provider of technology solutions, analytics, expertise, and services helping organizations of all sizes build and foster workplace cultures powered by employee recognition and crowdsourced feedback, Workhuman is revolutionizing the way employees celebrate, connect with, and appreciate each other in the workplace. Combined with unmatched data through iQ™, Workhuman gives HR and business leaders proactive insight to understand issues as they develop and tools to help them make the right decisions to align business objectives and culture to deliver immediate impact. And, with world class award redemption from our proprietary global e-commerce network, Workhuman is committed to building more connected human-centered workplaces that recognize the value and potential of each and every employee.


For more than 20 years, Workhuman has been pioneering the human workplace by disrupting legacy and obsolete HR approaches to improve the employee experience at work, with solutions that engage with approx. seven million customer employees in 30+ languages, in 180 countries, generating 100 million instances of human connection. With dual headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and Framingham, Massachusetts, Workhuman deploys solutions and services at scale and is committed to helping companies improve returns on their most important investment– their people.