Xcession Ltd opens new office in Dublin

Xcession are pleased to announce the recent opening of their new office in Dublin, Ireland.

With this new location, Xcession will now be able to deliver real value to Irish companies by providing them with the best ITSM solution to suit their needs.

Mark Twomey, CEO of Xcession, added, “We are very excited about the ITSM market in Ireland. We want to work with outstanding IT professionals that live and work here. Ireland has a vibrant IT community who are working for some of the world leading companies in their field.”

“We want to bring our skilled professionals who are local, along with our cost effective near-shore and offshore delivery capability. We are experts in planning, implementing and managing ITSM technologies across a variety of toolsets. We are not aligned to a single technology vendor, so can provide our customers with direct and honest answers to ensure they get the best, most appropriate ITSM solution to reach their goals. Based on what we have achieved with our customers in the UK, we are really excited about the possibilities in Ireland.”


Mark Twomey is an Irish entrepreneur who set up Xcession in the UK with several former colleagues. Together, they have vast experience in implementing and managing ITSM systems across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.