Sales expert Charlie Day

Bestselling business author and one of the UK’s leading sales experts Charlie Day has just announced the launch of her brand new, female-founded sales agency ‘Sales Made: The Agency’ a thriving, business-centred sales agency for businesses in the online space. Charlie, whose sales book ‘Sales is Easy, If You Just Know How,’ was a bestseller in six categories and podcast (of the same name) stormed the Apple business charts on release, is known as one of the leading experts in the sales industry, as well as being part of the sales of multi-million-pound launches.

The new agency aims to offer a unique approach to the world of sales, moving away from pushy closes and sleazy sales tactics that can sometimes dominate the industry, and instead focusing on a relationship-centric approach to sales, with an all-female sales team and a range of cost-effective done for you solutions.

“We’re so excited to be announcing the launch of Sales Made: The Agency. Having spent many years in the sales industry and having a reputation for my trailblazing, different approach, being able to build an agency that is focused on building on relationships is amazing. Being female-founded is important to us, since the industry is heavily male-centric and we’re offering something different to the tactics to many of those agencies. But whilst we’re founded by women, Sales Made: The Agency is a diverse and inclusive agency, and we will be working from people from all different backgrounds, genders and those at different stages in their business.

We’re already working with some amazing industry leaders in the online space, such as Lisa Johnson and Dani Wallace, and are passionate about offering an approach to sales that can work with entrepreneurs and industry leaders, whatever the business size,” says founder Charlie Day.


Alongside the agency launch, Sales Made: The Agency will also be offering a brand new CPD-accredited, globally-accredited sales course, for businesses looking to train staff on selling the right way and to put sales at the heart of their business.

About Sales Made: The Agency and Charlie Day

Sales Made: The Agency is a brand new, inclusive sales agency from one of the UK’s leading sales experts, Charlie Day. Charlie Day is an Essex-based sales expert and the author of the bestselling business book Sales is Easy, If You Just Know How, and the top-charting business podcast of the same name.

Sales is Easy-If You Just Know How podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, and wherever you get your podcasts,