Ian Routledge and partner, Leanne.

When COVID hit in March last year, Ian Routledge felt the real brunt of the pandemic. He had resigned from his previous job two weeks beforehand determined to find his next path, but lockdown put an unwanted obstacle in his way. Desperate to turn the experience into a positive he’s launched a new shipping business, which will simultaneously help him get back on his feet and provide a much-needed service to the people of Bristol.

Police reports showed that, in 2018 & 19, there were 140* thefts of parcels within the Avon and Somerset constabulary region and a shocking total of 6,248 across the UK. In a bid to address the alarming statistic, Ian’s new business provides a safe packaging and shipping solution for items being sent from Bristol and the surroundings areas. PACK & SEND, situated a stones-throw away from the Avonmouth Bridge, provides complete protection and security for packages, as they are shipped and sent anywhere across the world.

“It’s alarming to hear how many people’s parcels go missing,” said Ian. “And I’m sure that the figure has risen since lockdown began. With people turning to online services for deliveries, whether it’s a business to consumer transaction or just sending gifts to friends or loved ones, stolen or undelivered packages are unfortunately becoming more of a regular occurrence.

“Bristol is a bustling city of activity, with transactions happening every single second – whether it’s inland or overseas, professional or personal, online or offline. The pandemic has placed a strain on how many businesses operate, and one thing they need is security and protection. Even in a personal sense, people need to know that their parcels are going to arrive safely and on time.”

With their personalised service, PACK & SEND oversee the entire process with parcels. They provide bespoke packaging solutions, for those items that might be fragile, large, awkward or valuable, organise the delivery and give trackable information to find out exactly where the package is. With this in place, Ian’s customers can be certain they won’t be part of these shocking statistics.