Nutrition pioneer Oliver Cook has launched Verve V80, a complete multinutrient drink with 214 health and wellness benefits

The founder of Myprotein, who has amassed a fortune of more than £300m since leaving school with just one GCSE, has launched a new venture.

Oliver Cookson has set up multinutrient brand Verve in a bid to shake up the supplements industry.

Mr Cookson established Myprotein in 2004 while the brand was acquired by Manchester-headquartered THG in 2011.

Writing on Verve’s website, the businessman said: “I disrupted the sports nutrition industry back in 2004 when I created Myprotein and, I’m pleased to say, that with Verve, my team and I are all set to disrupt yet another sector! As a business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist I don’t always put my health first.


“I know I’m not alone – balancing work, social and family life can leave little time for self-care. After living through a pandemic, not having the time for colds (who does?), and generally needing a little more energy and vitality (like we all do) I looked for a decent multivitamin that would help supplement my diet, perk up my immune system and (hopefully) contribute to my all round health and wellness.

“From experience I was familiar with the qualities of each individual ingredient so I developed my own bespoke mix just for personal use that gave me everything I needed in one scoop. I was happy with that.

“Then I spoke to friends who had the same problem of cupboards bulging with pouches, bottles and supplements – that’s when I had the idea for Verve. Busy people don’t have the time to source and prepare mountains of fruits and vegetables to juice and blend on a daily basis.

“And, unless you’re really passionate and obsessive and you really know what you’re doing then you’re not going to blend your own powder. So, Verve really is the practical, cost effective, great tasting solution to all of that.

“Honesty is the founding principle of Verve – it’s as simple as that. We’re 100% transparent about each of our 80 ingredients, how they compliment each other and their real-world benefits. I insist that we use only the absolute best quality, ethically sourced ingredients and, working with the world’s leading nutritionists, we’ve produced a premium, great tasting product that is all of the goodness and none of the hassle.”

The new product is a comprehensive multinutrient drink with a person’s daily nutritional needs in one scoop. Verve’s V80 combines a wide range of ingredients designed to combine to improve people’s well-being by keeping their energy up, strengthening their immune system and balancing their gut health. It has 214 health & wellness benefits and to make it tasty, is infused with real fruit.

Verve V80 is £75.00 per one time purchase or £60.00 for subscriptions, and is available from Verve’s website.

Its founder, Oliver Cookson grew up in Manchester and now splits his time between the UK and Monaco. As well as Verve and his other business interests, Mr Cookson founded investment vehicle OSC Group and The Cookson Foundation.