Left to right: Leanne Ward, Stephanie Robinson and Dr Neelam Saleem

Experienced carers and their support teams are set to shed light on caring as a career on Friday 16th February in Wellingborough. With the news often focusing on the negatives of the care industry, a team in Northamptonshire has been doing it differently since 2019 and want to share their stories with people who may have been put off a career in care in the past.

Visiting Angels is welcoming anyone wishing to know more about a carer-centric focus of care delivery in the community at their office at the Belgrade Centre on Denington Road in Wellingborough during a Care as a Career event. Hearing from three experienced carers, visitors can find out how putting carers at the heart of the business has transformed the lives of care staff. Things like not being paid for travel time between care visits has been banished from memory for those carers and minimum one-hour visits ensure their clients are happy with no need to rush through essential tasks.

During the morning’s event, Registered Manager Stephanie Robinson will give a talk on care standards and Head of People Leanne Ward will talk about the range of careers available in the care industry. Dr Neelam Saleem is the Managing Director at Visiting Angels and will also be at the event to answer any queries about their carer-centric approach.

“I’ve been a Consultant Radiologist in the NHS for many years and come from a family of many doctors including my husband and three sisters. I’m aware of pressures that hospitals face, growing waiting lists and an increasing percentage of aging population, coupled with the challenge of enticing people into the care profession. I’m a firm believer that people rest and recuperate better in their own home and, when carers are given more time for visits and properly compensated for their work, in-home care becomes something incredibly special.”


The UK’s care system is struggling, and too often failing, to meet the needs of the growing elderly population. With society’s needs becoming increasingly complex, care providers are now faced with the challenging task of ensuring carers are continually upskilled while providing financial and personal recognition. With caregiver turnover rising to 77% in 20231 for reasons such as low pay, poor working conditions or too much responsibility, Visiting Angels’ revitalised approach of caring for carers before anyone else is addressing the need to establish a strong, committed and highly skilled workforce. Through financial rewards, opportunities for career development and an exclusive wellbeing programme, Neelam and the Visiting Angels team are proving there’s another path to take in an industry which often leaves carers feeling little-to-no appreciation.

Care as a Career Day is being held at 10am-12pm on Friday 16th February at Visiting Angels, Rooms 39/40, Belgrade Centre, Denington Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 2QH with refreshments available.

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