Nigel Church, CEO of Emerge Digital (Left), and John Lord, CEO of DEYA Brewing Company (Right)

In a strategic move to fortify its operations, DEYA Brewing Company, an award winning and nationally acclaimed independent brewery based in Cheltenham, has partnered with Emerge Digital, a local leading technology and business consultancy.

DEYA, an independent brewery, situated in Cheltenham, has carved a niche for itself in the South West region and beyond brewing hoppy beers, lagers, traditional UK styles and mixed fermentation ales. Since 2019 the brewery’s team and production volumes have both grown threefold and DEYA plans to continue to grow organically over the coming years towards its capacity on the Lansdown Industrial Estate site.

As the brand’s presence increases across the UK, so does the complexity of managing its digital landscape, which DEYA hopes to work closely on with Emerge Digital through their partnership. Also based in Cheltenham, Emerge Digital will work with DEYA to build on its existing IT support, reviewing the current suitability of its modern workplace cloud platforms and driving the enablement of its technology stack and cyber security posture.

The team at Emerge will implement cloud solutions that improve the brewery’s employee satisfaction in terms of productivity and efficiency, which in turn will enhance the customer experience. In addition, its security solutions will reinforce the brewery’s cyber security stature, ensuring its data and assets are protected across its digital infrastructure.


Commenting on the partnership, John Lord, Chief Operating Officer of DEYA Brewing Company said: “At DEYA, we’ve always been driven by a commitment to excellence, both in the beers we craft and the way we operate our business. Our partnership with Emerge Digital is a natural extension of that commitment.”

He continued: “Their pragmatic and innovative approach promises not only to provide us with the technological tools we need but also to guide us in using them effectively. It’s not just about adapting to the digital age; it’s about striving to be best in class in all that we do.”

CEO of Emerge Digital, Nigel Church, said: “At Emerge Digital, we see immense potential in DEYA’s vision, and we are thrilled to be part of its growth journey. Our tailored solutions are designed to empower DEYA, not just in overcoming present challenges but also in setting a path for a future where technology is harnessed to its fullest. Together, we aim to brew success, one innovative solution at a time.”