Hygiene Pro Clean Ltd

A Coventry IT company that spends its days protecting clients’ computer networks from nasty bugs has ‘installed’ some virus protection of its own.

PS4B, which is based at Electric Wharf in Coventry and supports hundreds of businesses and organisations with IT management across the region, wanted to ensure it was taking every possible step to be Covid-19 secure.

The company hired one of its own clients – Stockport-based Hygiene Pro Clean Ltd (HPC) – to undertake a full decontamination of its offices where its six staff are based.

HPC is run by Coventry-born Jamie Borgeat and operates nationally, offering specialised decontamination treatments to everything from businesses through to the ambulance service.


The firm has developed and manufactures its own ultrasonic atomiser delivery systems and decontaminants that fight against viruses, bacteria and moulds, there are no known pathogens immune to the product.

Richard Hooper, the managing director of PS4B, said: “After the first lockdown, we wanted to ensure that we took every precaution possible to protect the offices and the team from Covid-19 and also minimise interruption to our business and to that of our clients.

“We followed all of the Government guidance such as socially distancing and regular hand sanitising but we wanted to go even further for our staff and customers.

“As we work with HPC, I knew about the service they offered and spoke to Jamie about coming in to undertake a decontamination and deep clean of the offices because I was keen for it to be as thorough as possible. It’s normally us offering virus protection to our clients – so it was great to get some in return!”

Jamie said: “I previously worked in the rail industry and started the business when I saw an opportunity to provide this kind of tech & service to that sector – way before Coronavirus struck.

“It’s not just about going in and spraying chemicals and then saying – ‘job done’. It’s all about optimising the decontaminants you are using, the delivery system and then the method of application, we call it Effective Decontamination.

“Our Effective Decontamination procedure is proven to work not just on Covid-19 but on all bacteria, moulds and other viruses such as influenza and norovirus. Once our team has completed the decontamination process, the business is certified and we remain available to carry out further applications should they be needed at any point.

“We were delighted to work with Richard and the team at PS4B in helping them to go that extra mile in ensuring their offices are Covid-19 secure.”