A new initiative has been launched to help encourage more Brits to start a business by enabling people to trade in their digital currency and establish a new franchise – the UK’s largest domestic service provider has announced.

The scheme will allow new franchisees with Fantastic Services to purchase an Area Development or Master franchise license with Bitcoin and other recognised online currencies – allowing them to start their own business in anti-viral sanitisation, cleaning, gardening, handyman, pest control, removals, and other property services.

With franchise licenses starting at £15,000 – Fantastic Services are offering new members the option to use their cryptocurrency to fully or partially fund the purchase of a start-up franchise – in a first of its kind program in Britain.

Owners of online currencies like Bitcoin will be able to acquire a franchise license for a minimum of 0.5 BTC or 10 ETH – with no strings or network transaction fees.


The recently ranked 7th best franchise in the UK believe they are offering the best rate of return compared to any other cash out options for digital money – whilst also providing a solution to turn online investment into a real-world return.

Co-Founder of Fantastic Services, Rune Sovndahl says, “Digital currency is a vicious circle, and we want to help people who are stuck in a loop by offering them the chance to cash out their currency and use it to purchase something tangible, that will provide a sustainable income and help break the chain of cryptocurrency.”

Jenny Farenden, Franchise Marketing Director, says, “Since the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions, we have seen a huge spike in demand for our services and are growing exponentially across the country. We are always developing ways for people to start a franchise business and believe with the volatility of the digital currency market – and many people looking for a way out – we can offer crypto investors a solution to cash out their currency and cash in on a sustainable franchise model that will help provide a real-world return.”

A recent report by Finder(dot)com earlier this year claimed more than a fifth of Brits have invested in cryptocurrency, with the number of people who have bought cryptocurrency in the UK increasing by 558% since 2018.

Rune continues, “We have all been through a very challenging 12 months, with a lot of volatility in the market. It’s no secret that soon, all £1k plus cryptocurrency transactions will become taxable and that the future of digital currency is clouded with uncertainty. With limited options on how to exchange digital currency into tangible assets, we feel the best solution is to use the currency to help start a real-world company – which is exactly why we have refreshed our model to accept cryptocurrency payments. We aim to enable people to spend their digital earnings by buying a business that can deliver real-world returns, break the chain of digital currency and start earning cash through their own franchise. We believe this solution will help thousands of people in the UK with an opportunity to escape from cryptocurrency and hope to see more franchise companies offer a similar solution to help create more jobs and get Britain back to work.”

Applications for Area Development or Master franchise licenses can be made here.