Kerry B Mitchell, Paycare Wellbeing Manager

The role employers play in their team’s mental health is the focus of an upcoming e-clinic.

Paycare Wellbeing’s is set to host their first e-clinic of the 2022 series, with the online session at 10am on Monday 28th February aimed at supporting managers to understand the importance of looking after the wellbeing of their staff.

Wellbeing Manager Kerry B Mitchell will be joined by Rosie Leach – HR Partner at Briggs Equipment – who’ll share the impact mental health training has had on their business.

Kerry says: “The pivotal role managers have in the mental health of their employees is so clear, and yet a surprisingly small percentage of these managers have received formal training.

“Training can help them to effectively listen, support, and signpost when a team member approaches them with a problem – and it can also increase their confidence when it comes to spotting the potential signs of mental ill health, and tackling those difficult but all-important conversations.

“Early invention makes a real difference, so it really is vital that managers have the knowledge and feel empowered to approach staff when they notice there may be a problem developing.”

Kerry, a Mental Health First Aid England trainer, added that this early intervention was not only helpful to the individual themselves, but also to the business as a whole – helping to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism while also increasing productivity and team morale.

As well as Rosie sharing her first-hand experience, the session will include statistics on the relationship between mental health and business, an insight into the Mental Health First Aider role, and information on how to create a buddy system within an organisation.

The session is expected to be popular after similar e-clinics in the previous series of Paycare Wellbeing in 2021 were among their mostly highly attended of the year.

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