James McNicol and Andrew Oliver

After 23 years of leadership, Steve Robson, Cheryl Robson and Jon Murphy are excited to announce that today they hand over the reins of the company to the next generation, with James McNicol and Andrew Oliver becoming joint owners of ea Change. As of today, 1st March 2021, James and Andrew are joint Managing Directors

Steve said, “James and Andrew have been part of the senior team for the past four years and are fully aligned with the business and our commitment to our clients. They have a great vision for the direction of the company over the coming years and, although ea Change is under new ownership, we look forward to remaining part of the journey in an advisory capacity”.

James and Andrew said “We’re excited to build on the foundation of the past 23 years and expand our offerings to both current and future clients. We have a strong team of experts and an extremely hard-working back office team, and look forward to supporting our clients in bringing them the best solutions to their challenges both now and in the years to come.”

James is focused on diversifying the ea Change offering and commented: “We have created an offering of services to match our client’s needs and are now offering a variety of interim, permanent/fixed term, retained search and statement of work services across Financial Services, Government, Telecoms and Utilities. Within these sectors we have expanded our offering to include not only traditional change initiatives but digital, technology, data and analytics, and are forward focused with our ea futures offering. Today we have also launched a new ea Change website, along with new social media channels to ensure we reach our clients on all platforms available.”

Whilst James is focused on Client Services, Andrew is focused on delivery and said: “My focus is on ensuring we have a strong internal team with the right skills and the right technology in place, to ensure that your challenge is fully understood, and a best fit solution is delivered with a cost-effective approach.”

Jon added “James and Andrew’s vision is really resonating with our existing clients and prospects, with an additional three new clients this month alone, and it looks to be a very busy year ahead for the team”.