Exploring How edYOU Empowers Students with Disabilities via Tailored Tutoring Platforms
Dr. Michael Everest is a pioneering figure in medical education and the visionary Founder and Chief Academic Officer of Residents Medical.

When I first started developing edYOU, an AI-powered learning platform, I was inspired by the idea of bridging the gap between the schools that could invest significant resources into their functioning during the pandemic and those that weren’t. Soon, however, I found his platform had an unexpected audience.

I witnessed how it significantly helped individuals with autism, as they found it more comfortable to relate to an AI rather than a human being. This highlighted the importance of making education more inclusive and providing a safe and non-judgmental learning environment.

What sets edYOU apart from other entities in the edtech industry is how far we were able to go with leveraging AI to create interactive, conversational avatars. Thanks to these human-like entities, the platform can offer learning experiences that can come as close as possible to learning through interactions with another person.

These advancements opened the door to a wide variety of applications — edYOU is a perfect tool for teachers who want to breathe a new life into their lessons, as it is for students who wish additional assistance when needed. But some students might benefit even more from it.


Just envision having a teacher’s assistant and study buddy combined into one. This approach not only benefits typical students but also supports individuals with special needs, social anxiety, dyslexia, and others who struggle with reading aloud in a classroom setting.

Thanks to the innovative technologies behind it, edYOU is a safe learning space with just enough customization and personalization options to provide learning experiences tailored to its user’s specific needs. We created it deliberately with academic neutrality in mind, meaning its users can rest assured that they’re getting pure knowledge.

The platform is also available around the clock, meaning students can choose to use it when they’re most productive and for as much time as needed. Essentially, it helps create a second classroom at home that’s more in tune with the student’s specific needs.

This safe and supportive atmosphere is essential, especially for those who may have faced challenges or insecurities in traditional learning settings. With edYOU, learners can confidently explore and learn without fear of judgment, fostering a positive and encouraging environment that helps them flourish academically and personally.

By helping take some of the burden off teachers, it might also help them focus more on the students who need more help. The platform provides an even keel of support, available 24/7, which enables teachers to enhance their effectiveness while also prioritizing their well-being. With limited hours in a day for both teachers and students, having access to a reliable platform like ours can optimize their time and efforts.

edYOU is only going to get better, too. There are plans for adding gamification elements to the platform to increase its interactivity and engagement. We are looking at sentiment analysis, a developing area of AI that can be extremely useful for students with difficulties studying.

The platform’s potential has been recognized, with a full patent granted recently. The conversational technology in education is so groundbreaking that it was granted a patent in under a year. edYOU also has five additional pending patents. As we continue to develop and grow this technology, we strive to make learning more interactive and accessible to everyone, no matter where they are. The platform provides a unique one-on-one interaction experience, bridging the gap between students and education like never before.

Dr. Michael Everest is a pioneering figure in medical education and the visionary Founder and Chief Academic Officer of Residents Medical, a Los Angeles-based institution dedicated to guiding medical and graduate students toward their ideal residency or fellowship placements.

With a passion for revolutionizing the residency process through improvements and equality, Dr. Everest’s expertise and profound understanding of the medical education system has empowered countless students to achieve their professional dreams and excel in their chosen specialties. Additionally, he has introduced edYOU, a cutting-edge “safe-AI platform” for educational purposes, further solidifying his commitment to advancing education and personalized student support in the AI and digital age.