ActionCOACH Warwick's 1st Birthday Party on Zoom

When a business reaches its first birthday, it is always a momentous occasion for the business owner who has put everything on the line for their dream, but it is even more poignant for the team at ActionCOACH Warwick in the current climate. Friday 1st May is when Zoom hosted an alternative birthday party for the business that has been making a big difference to other businesses in Warwick, Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas, gifting over 100 coaching sessions during the pandemic.

“Every Friday morning, we have an online group coaching session with all of our clients. Last week’s was special as it included a big thank you to everyone for making it possible for us to celebrate our first birthday,” explained Kevin Riley, business growth specialist and owner of ActionCOACH Warwick.

Kevin started the business with a vision to create 150 millionaires over the next 15 years and hadn’t really bargained on a global pandemic during his first year of operation. The most recent figures available from the Office of National Statistics, showed 22,715 SMEs in the West Midlands in 2018 with 31,300 businesses born in the region and, in the same year, 30,895 business deaths. The rate of death was 13%, the third highest behind the North West and London. Add to that the economic pressures from COVID-19 and Kevin was given even more impetus to help local businesses create the growth needed to take steps to meet his vision.

In the first 10 months of his business, Kevin had gifted 266 coaching sessions to 132 business owners in the region. In the final two months to their first birthday, this had jumped to 470 gifted coaching sessions to 607 people. The team expects this to increase at the same rate and, whilst Kevin has always gifted up to 5 hours of coaching a week, has committed to triple that to 15 hours of coaching each week for the remainder of the time that COVID-19-related trading restrictions apply to businesses in and around Warwick and Leamington Spa.


Maria Ellard, Director, Reynolds Blinds of Leamington Spa, took part in the Zoom birthday party: “Happy Birthday ActionCOACH Warwick! What an amazing team you are and I’m so grateful to have met you all. Lizzie, Wendy and Kevin – your advice and support is immeasurable, I can’t put into words how much I appreciate it. Thank you for never giving up on me, even when I’ve felt like giving up on myself. Here’s to many more years.”

“It really has been the perfect first year for us, despite the challenges of COVID-19. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed building relationships in our local community – the number of business owners we’ve helped has been incredible. Seeing the immediate results this has had on their lives and their profits has been incredibly rewarding for all of us,” said Kevin.

“ActionCOACH has offices all around the world and we were delighted to receive two awards for our achievements in coaching locally and for the difference we’ve made to the wider coaching community. Now we’re looking forward to year two and our clients continuing to go from strength to strength. We’re excited about growing our client community and seeing them flourish as we step out of the COVID-19 climate. I firmly believe all our clients will continue to grow in the coming year.”

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