Digital receipts data platform, Flux, has announced the launch of Flux Offers, which promises to shake up the cashback space, leveraging card linked data in a way never seen before.

Flux Offers gives businesses the tools to target granular revenue goals, helping businesses grow intelligently. The new technology enables the running of time-specific cashback offers while rewarding certain customer choices, down to the specific item and combination of items they buy.  With a unique real-time reporting feature allowing for live performance tracking, retailers using Flux Offers can better adapt, adjust, and analyse their customer incentives in line with their business goals. The real-time nature of this reporting powers responsiveness and flexibility, allowing for the best return on investment.

In an increasingly competitive retail landscape, receipt data and customer behaviour have taken on greater significance, providing the opportunity for hyper-personalisation of offers and rewards in the future. For instance, as the Flux network of retailers and customers grows, businesses are able to target new customers that have purchased specific items or categories. Flux Offers also allows for the effective management and tracking of online and in-store purchases – supporting the transition to omnichannel retailing.

With nearly one million customers in the UK, Flux has a long history of running successful cashback offers for top UK retailers like Just Eat. The introduction of Flux Offers is an exciting evolution in Flux’s rewards capabilities, introducing features such as cross-category targeting, high-performance reporting and product-level discounting or exclusions, for example excluding sale items. Flux Offers is scalable for almost any consumer-facing sector.

Matty Cusden-Ross, Founder and CEO of Flux comments: ‘With Flux Offers, we wanted to create a platform that could maximise the potential of every customer purchase. Not just delivering the standard cashback and repeat spend hooks, but providing businesses with real control over tailor-made offers and every customer with relevant offers and instant cashback.’