In response to the climate crisis and the urgent need for a green agenda, global outsourced marketing agency BBSA has launched a new eco-campaign to begin reforestation, one tree at a time.

Launched on World Environment Day  and as part of their ‘eco-tradition’, BBSA has pledged to plant one new tree for every client that they onboard, personalized with their name, marking their partnership with the eco-strategy. There is no limit on how many trees they are willing to plant, and their goal is to have planted 10,000 trees by 2030.

BBSA’s reforestation commitment reaches far beyond the environment as they onboard local communities to help with the task. As such, their investment is twofold; not only do they employ the local community, but they also cultivate a desire in the community to become more environmentally active.

The positive impact that trees have on the environment has been argued to be broader than previously thought, recent studies have shown. Not only do trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they also play a role in cooling the air, which protects the environment from droughts, extremely high temperatures and floods which are caused by the climate breakdown. In addition to this, trees are home to a range of wildlife and so are important to protect these species.


As part of their new Reforesting One Tree @ One Client initiative, BBSA has adopted a three tier approach in their pursuit of a greener earth:

Community participation and support  – They assert that the success of reforestation lies in community support, both planting trees and maintaining tree sites to ensure growth.

Municipal and governmental support  – One of the biggest threats to planting sites is commercial enterprise or housing projects. Planting sites are only established in locations where BBSA have the full support of both local and national governments. This ensures sites will have the opportunity to  thrive.

Business funding and support – With the support of other businesses, BBSA can launch and initially support the reforestation projects. The long term goal is to create a self-sufficient ecosystem that does not rely on outside investment.

Commenting on the new Reforesting One Tree @ One Client initiative, Anna Stella, BBSA’s CEO says;

“Often reforestation requires the financial support of businesses and invested parties. With BBSA’s additional funding support, we can launch and initially sustain reforestation projects. Our aim, however, is to cultivate a self-producing ecosystem not dependent on external funding. As forests are being regrown, the local community is the driving force in the efforts and benefits from the economic empowerment brought by the extra employment.

Our environment is important to us and we must take care of it and protect it. Sustainability today is a core business imperative, and we recognize both the opportunity and responsibility to deliver marketing solutions that enable our clients to manage theirs – and the planet’s – limited resources productivity, contribute to an inclusive economy and shape a sustainable future.”