Are you a local looking for a new place to grab a pint? Or maybe you are new to Glasgow and need to know some good places for a few drinks? We have you covered! Below are some great pubs and establishments to try out for your next night out.

Alison Arms

Let’s kick things off with a traditional pub that has been around since 1884. Alison Arms can be found in Pollokshaws Road. It is considered a much-loved watering hole by the locals in the area. What separates Alison Arms from the other pubs in the local area is their 100 independent distillery gins. And this isn’t even mentioning the fridges full of craft and German beers. But then we get onto the layout. The U-shaped bar makes for a great atmosphere no matter if you are looking for a quick pint or catching up with the people in your life.

Bavaria Brauhaus

Bavaria Brauhaus takes inspiration from the Hofbräuhaus, a famous German beer hall, and brings it to the centre of Glasgow.When you go to the Bavarian Brauhaus it is like a miniature Munich. It is proud to stock classic Munich beer such as Lowenbrau, Augestiner, Hofbrau, Spaten, and Paulaner. That isn’t mentioning the many, many more available on tap. As Bavaria Brauhaus can get to full capacity very quickly, especially around Oktoberfest, it is advisable to book ahead of time so you don’t miss out!

Innis & Gunn Glasgow Brewery Taproom

This bar finds its unique footing by selling the extremely popular beers from reputable brewers Innis & Gunn. They have extended their high-quality beer ranges to Ashton Lane. But not only that, they have made sure that each beer has been specifically matured in flavoured casks. It is all part of giving their beers their iconic taste.The bar and restaurant are spread over three floors, with each committing itself to a specific function. The bottom floor contains the brewing facilities to produce its masterfully crafted beer, the first floor is a restaurant, and the top floor is a dedicated bar. It is known as a wonderful place to visit for something different!

The Ark Glasgow

This watering hole is located just off George Square with an ideal spot close to Strathclyde University as well as the City of Glasgow College. This, of course, makes it the ideal hotspot for local students to meet up.

Part of The Arc’s popularity lies in its warm, welcoming atmosphere. Whether they want to sit outside in the beer garden or inside and play pool, there is an option for you here. And during football seasons they often show many of the important games on their huge projectors or TV screens.

The bar of course serves up a variety of affordable food and drinks to complement their buzzing atmosphere!

West On The Green

The West brewery, rather ironically considering the name, is located in the East End of Glasgow. The usual crowd that frequents this establishment tends to vary between tourists and beer connoisseurs. While locals tend to visit for something a little different; such as great surroundings or a relaxed atmosphere. A notable aspect of WEST is that it takes its brewing methods from the masters of beer making in Germany, and this German influence can be seen in the bar too. Be it beer served in tankards or having beer available by the litre. It also has a beautiful blend of German and Scottish food with currywurst and schnitzel sitting pretty alongside Scottish salmon and other Scottish dishes; like the classic fish and chips. Lastly, if beer gardens are a deal-breaker when choosing your pub, then you’ll be glad to know that theirs looks out over Glasgow Green; great for sunny weather!

In Summary

These are some great wee spots to go for a night out. Be it grabbing a drink or some food when you are in Glasgow, or scouting for the best atmosphere, there will be something out there for you.

Enjoy your time!