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Today, Really Good Culture has announced the release of a groundbreaking AI-driven report regarding the future of the spirits industry that is expected to revolutionise conventional understandings of this sector.

Really Good Culture has harnessed the power of AI to create a state of the art forecasting tool entitled ‘The Breakthrough Score’ that can accurately predict the brands that are most likely to succeed in 2024 and beyond.

Subsequently, this ‘Future of Spirits’ report reveals not only the leaders in spirit production and sales, but also the innovative, culture-focused brands that are primed for breakthrough in the coming year. This report will give a variety of stakeholders, from retailer specialists and investors to industry analysts and brand strategists, unprecedented insight into the future of the spirits industry, as well as diving into the trends these brands are pioneering within the industry such as the rise of Low & No drinks and the sober curious movement.

Really Good Culture’s proprietary AI data tool ‘The Breakthrough Score’ powered by billions of data points combines social listening and digital graphing data with aggregated consumer review data to measure cultural and ESG impact, and the future potential of brands. The tool won Kantar’s iLab Innovation Challenge Award in 2023, owing to its groundbreaking ability to consider the demands of the modern consumer, and forecast accordingly.


‘The Breakthrough Score’ stands out against established trend forecasting tools since it recognises that a brand’s culture extends beyond recognition and popularity; it delves into the brand’s ability to resonate with consumers on a deeper level, forging strong, enduring relationships focused on transparency and ethical practices, with an emerging adoption of refill stations, soon to become mainstream.

Adam Williams, CEO of Really Good Culture stated: “Changing our economy starts with helping the most ethical companies to be successful – in this case – helping them get noticed.”

A few notable brands featured in the report include Avallen Calvados, Two Drifters Rum, and Three Spirit Livener. These brands, while perhaps not yet household names, are building rich, engaging businesses that are attracting and retaining loyal customers. The report forecasts how they are likely to continue growing and influencing the broader spirits industry.

“The Breakthrough Score” represents a new dimension in industry analysis, and we are excited to see how this innovative metric will impact future decision-making within the spirits sector.