First EN-approved self-testing range of detectors automate system testing

New products integrate with Honeywell’s cloud-based Connected Life Safety Services platform, further improving ease of installation, maintenance and compliance

Honeywell Gent one of the leading brands in fire and life safety, has launched the first fire alarm system with EN-approved self-testing smoke and heat detectors that can be tested automatically, changing the way life safety systems are commissioned, tested and maintained.

The Gent Vigilon panel with Self-Test provides scalable, reliable protection, efficient monitoring and flexible reporting – enhancing the fire engineers’ efficiency.


“Honeywell is integrating intelligence across all aspects of life safety systems,” said Lionel Caillat, vice president, general manager, Commercial Fire EMEA, Honeywell. “By digitising the most essential system in the building, we’re creating more efficient and reliable systems. Through connected services we’re helping building owners to gain visibility of all of their critical fire and life safety system assets. This will help move the industry toward the creation of safer and more compliant buildings.”

A connected fire and life safety ecosystem
The Gent Vigilon panel with the Self-Test range of detectors are securely enabled through the Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) cloud-based platform. CLSS provides real-time visibility of the fire system to competent technicians and facility managers and allows maintenance engineers to diagnose and troubleshoot problems ahead of time, improving first-time fix rates and reducing time spent on-site.

A solution that self-tests and detects
The Self-Test range of detectors eliminate many of the physical barriers during testing and maintenance, such as locked rooms, voids, high ceilings and other hard-to-access spaces – areas that may go untested, which can ultimately put buildings at risk. With the ability to test both optical and heat sensors and verify that the smoke entry points are free of obstruction, a single maintenance engineer can initiate a building-wide test, improving compliance with an end-to-end electronic audit trail and saving the much-needed time required to carry out the essential visual inspection through the CLSS app.

The Gent Vigilon panel with the Self-Test range of detectors is now available in the United Kingdom through our Honeywell Gent System Integrators.