After spending several months cooped up at home, it comes as no surprise that renovation projects are continuing to skyrocket in the UK, especially in Birmingham. From kitchen upgrades to home office improvements, homeowners in Birmingham have been spending thousands on improvements over the past year. And it’s not only small DIY jobs that they are dabbling in. The team from Your Driveways Birmingham explains how Birmingham’s home renovation trends have changed.

Home Office Spaces

In 2020, more than 50% of the UK workforce had been working from home. However, most homes were not designed to inspire productivity. About 40% of those who work from home have revealed that they do not even have a proper desk, and about 20% said they feel embarrassed about their backgrounds when doing video calls. Thus, it is not surprising to know why many homeowners in Birmingham would like to carry out home office improvements this year.

More than 40% of UK residents say that they plan to work from home more than before, even if the Covid-19 pandemic is over. Therefore, home office improvements will continue in the coming years. According to studies, Scandinavian design is increasingly popular for home office renovations and house plants, neutral colours, and simple furniture are shaping the trends for home office renovations in 2021.

Homes to Businesses

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs in Birmingham have to think outside the box when looking for a place to operate their businesses, which can sometimes mean turning a residential property into a commercial property. Examples are therapists who have to transform their residential spaces into an out-patient clinic where they meet patients. And to make the property look more appealing and welcoming to clients, some of them are renovating their Birmingham based driveways and front garden.

Although it is entirely possible to convert your home for commercial use, take note that this involves a legal process, and you need to go through the necessary steps to get the process done correctly. You may have to inform your local council about it to see if there are rules and regulations that you need to follow, and you may need to arrange an inspection. Otherwise, you may have to deal with costly changes to the property later.

Home Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Sustainability has become a rising concern in recent years, and “eco-friendly” is a term that’s becoming more familiar to homeowners in Birmingham. More than 50% of UK residents revealed that they wanted to be more eco-friendly this year, including making their homes more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Due to increasing public awareness and environmental concerns, carbon emissions and protecting the environment have become a priority for those renovating their homes.

Government initiatives like the Green Homes Grant have been helping homeowners in improving their homes in various ways. As a result, homeowners have been installing eco-friendly home components, such as roof insulation, PVC windows and doors, solar panel installations, and more. This year, about 4% of UK residents say that they are considering applying for the Green Homes Grant to help them carry out eco-friendly upgrades for their homes.