Dr Craig D Forrest

“Scotland might appear resistant to the Gospel, but the Scottish church can adapt to the modern world strategically,” suggests veteran TV Producer-Speaker-Author Craig D. Forrest.

By sharing narratives of their Christian faith, churches can effectively spread the Gospel to a broader unchurched audience through digital technology and social platforms in a relevant and contemporary manner.

Dr. Craig D. Forrest highlights that the youth in the UK are highly engaged with media, checking their mobile phones over 100 times a day and spending more than 7 hours daily consuming various media forms through mobile apps, text messaging, gaming, computers, and TVs. In contrast, the average age of Scottish church attendees is 65 years old and lacks technological proficiency, creating a challenge where young Scottish adults may not engage with a church or hear a sermon.

The question arises: How can Scottish Christians connect with younger generations and motivate believers within their congregations?


The God on Every Screen Seminar on April 12-13 in Glasgow will feature a team of faith-based media experts who will provide social media strategies for leaders and impart TV, video, audio, and storytelling skills to Church leadership and young creatives.

The 2-day seminar will be held at the Tron Church, 25 Bath Street, Glasgow. Registration costs £30 for one day and £50 for both days.  Stay updated on seminar news by following @GodOnEveryScreen on Instagram and Facebook.