The Coastal Networkers

A networking group set up to support businesses during uncertain economic times has celebrated its first-year anniversary.

The Coastal Networkers brings business owners from diverse backgrounds together at the Little Harp in Clevedon every other Wednesday.

It was founded by author and graphic designer Ben Mears when one of the networking events he attended closed down following Covid and the cost of living crisis.

Ben, who heads the Dream Loft and has written the Banyard and Mingle Mysteries, said: “It’s been a time of uncertainty and businesses have struggled.


“I wanted to create a group where we could support each other and help bring in business together.”

The dad-of-three, who runs creative writing workshops in secondary schools, academies and sixth forms, hosts the events for free.

But members can sponsor the events through Patreon, an online subscription service, and promote their business should they wish.

Ben added: “It’s a lovely, friendly group and business is definitely looking up.”