Which would be more likely to sway you into a job offer? Would you rather your new employer upped their monetary offer, or would you prefer more lucrative perks?

That’s exactly what Bolton digital marketing agency, The Audit Lab, wanted to know. They asked the British public ‘When looking for a new job , which is most important to you; higher salary or better benefits?’ and have taken an in-depth look at each region’s answers.

For the people of Scotland there was a clear split between the two, with a leaning towards a higher salary. 54% opted for more money, whilst 46% wanted better perks. Not the most groundbreaking of data, so perhaps the Scottish would most benefit from a balance of the two?

Claire Crompton, co-founder and director of The Audit Lab, thinks that is the best way forward:

“Different people want different things out of their careers, and that goes for both direction and rewards. And while we can’t completely customise a package for everyone, what we aim to do is strike a perfect balance. Good work perks shouldn’t come at the price of a great salary that compensates our people for all the hard work they do. That’s why we offer pay reviews every six months and customised progression plans, with additional benefits such as working from home and 10 – 4 core working hours. There really is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to someone’s career; it’s really about putting together the best all-round package.”

Let’s break down the data.

Scotland – by gender

The data showed that Scottish women were evenly split between perks and salary, with 50% choosing either option.

On the other hand, men were more inclined towards a bigger paycheque, with 56% opting for a higher salary and just 44% wanting perks.

Scotland – by age

The majority of age groups were pretty united across Scotland, with most favourite money in the bank, with some pretty strong leanings towards cash!

●     18 – 24 year olds – 64% higher salary, 36% perks

●     25 – 34 year olds – 57% higher salary, 43% perks

●     35 – 44 year olds – 59% higher salary, 41% perks

●     45 – 54 year olds – 34% higher salary, 64% perks

●     55 – 64 year olds – 65% higher salary, 35% perks

●     65+ year olds – 40% higher salary, 60% perks

However the numbers also revealed that those aged 45 to 54 and 65+ were united in their preference of better perks.