There are currently 15 million singles in the UK – with over 50% actively seeking romance. With the present Covid-19 crisis, so many unattached people have sadly all but abandoned their search for love. However there are those who are questioning; “Should we have to put our dating on hold during the lockdown”?

SpeedDater are the leading singles events organisers in the UK. They typically operate weekly live events in twenty-three cities across England, Scotland & Wales and several events a week in London. The company have now pioneered the UK’s very first ‘Virtual Speed dating events’ and astonishingly discovered that coupling success has actually increased by almost 10% since introducing their first events in mid March. The huge success of the video speed dating events has prompted the dating experts at SpeedDater to come up with a comprehensive ‘Ten step guide to dating during the Covid-19 pandemic’ to plan and ensure singles are being catered for during the lockdown.

The SpeedDater 10 step guide to dating during the Covid 19 lockdown.

  1. You can still opt to join an online dating site. Allow yourself two or three evenings a week to search and chat to other singles but try not to become obsessive and allow it to become a nightly habit – even though it is all online it can still be emotionally exhausting
  2. Check out the regular online SpeedDater virtual Speed dating events in your local area. You will be greeted by the host and introduced live online to compatible singles.
  3. Search online for online pub quizzes – these are often fairly localised so it is a fun way of getting to know people online and building friendships with the potential to meet other single pub quizzers and eventually meet in person after the lockdown.
  4. If you are ultimately looking for a long-term relationship, never get too intense or intimate when chatting online. Wait until after the lockdown and you get to meet in person. Keep it friendly, with a bit of banter thrown in. Be especially wary of unsavoury characters that have no intention of embarking on a serious relationship but are simply taking advantage of the situation to; at best draw you into false intimacy or at worst actually scam you!
  5. Don’t be tempted to call your ex and get yourself tied back into something that did not work the first time around simply because of the circumstances.
  6. Use the lockdown period to research online dating sites and apps to find out what works best for you. Once you have found the right service spend the time creating a really stand out profile.
  7. When taking your daily exercise ensure that you opt to walk instead of run or jog sometimes and take the time to smile and make eye contact and even say good morning. Keeping mindful of the ‘2 metre’ distance rule. It is especially easy to strike up a conversation during these times as most people are also cooped up all-day and happy for the opportunity to spend a few minutes chatting. Be bold and suggest swapping numbers if you feel an instant connection and you have discovered if your stranger is single!
  8. Once you have got to know someone either through chatting online or meeting during your park walk – progress to Skype and Facetime calls to enable you to get to know someone a little better and ensure they are sincere.
  9. Scan the Internet for online social interactive events and groups. People are being really inventive during the current crisis. SpeedDater are operating some great online themed events such as cooking master classes or Vegan dating for singles to meet like-minded people online. Plus simple morning coffee drop in dating events.
  10. Use the lockdown period to really work on yourself and ensure you eat healthily and keep yourself fit. Work on drawing up a plan for your goals and expectations when the crisis is finally over.