Photo by Денис Евстратов

Digital Workforce and TrustPortal have teamed up to provide the fastest, easiest and most accessible way for organisations to deliver transformed digital experiences for their clients and employees with cutting-edge technologies. The partnership combines two industry-firsts: Digital Workforce’s open, ready-to-run, cloud-based services and Intelligent Automation solutions, with TrustPortal’s proven HyperAutomation capabilities. Together, both companies will provide digital experience transformation© as a service to UK, EMEA and US-based organisations – of any size, in any sector.

Leon Stafford, UK Country manager at Digital Workforce Service Plc said:

“This new partnership will allow us to offer new and exciting Intelligent Automation and HyperAutomation solutions to a range of organisations, which in turn will allow them to provide enhanced services to their customers. Having worked previously in the contact centre industry I am aware that our joint capabilities offers significant benefits in improving CSAT, reducing call lengths and improving the agent experience.

The combination of Digital Workforce and TrustPortal’s platforms provides next generation technology which will deliver greatly enhanced employee and customer experiences as a competitive advantage. With contact centre resources at a premium, we can empower fewer agents, to deliver more value with greater autonomy. We see a future of agents and customers working alongside their digital counterparts, each playing to their strengths.”


Faye Bonsing, Account Director at TrustPortal said:

“To achieve digital experience transformation means designing and delivering the frictionless, personalised and valuable digital service interactions that both employees and customers deserve. With digital experience transformation, hyper-productive employees, provide high-quality, services completed 50% faster – while customers receive valuable, multi-channel experiences. Add lower operational costs and everyone gains.

To realise these opportunities, we’re looking forward to working with Digital Workforce and jointly delivering HyperAutomation-fuelled  digital experience transformation programs – so organisations swiftly gain huge value.”

The  digital experience transformation enablement catalyst is TrustPortal’s advanced ‘out of the box’ HyperAutomation platform: a uniquely agile digital transformation layer operating on top of any legacy IT estate. The platform intelligently orchestrates and augments people, software robots, AI and digital technologies to co-work as unified super resources in real-time. Together, they digitally transform entire end-to-end processes at speed – enabling hugely augmented, simplified, and enhanced employee and customer interactions: at scale, from the front-to back-office – across any channel.

Crucially, with TrustPortal and Digital Workforce’s cloud-based approach, digital experience transformation can be achieved with unmatched ease, speed and security, regardless of legacy IT and digital constraints – with hugely accelerated go to market times. ROI can be generated in months – not years: and at 10% of the cost of traditional digitisation and automation approaches.