The cost of 'intuitive tech' has been analysed in YouGov findings

Business in Great Britain could be losing up to £1 million a year through inadequate tech, according to research by software specialists AppLearn.

A YouGov survey of over 2,000 employees found that on average, those using business applications for work are losing 2.5 hours a week looking for IT support.

It tots up to a 130 hours per person across the course of a year, the equivalent of three working weeks and a total of nearly 72,000 hours for large businesses in Great Britain, based on average employee numbers. AppLearn’s own analysis of national salary statistics equated this loss of productive time to over £1 million annually for businesses.

The survey also assessed people’s experience of using software since the pandemic began, finding over 75% are spending up to six hours a day using software, such as Microsoft Teams,  Zoom and Salesforce. A further 50% were then spending as much as up to three hours a day looking for support, instructions and information to use such software.

Andrew Avanessian, CEO at AppLearn commented, “These figures show the shocking hidden costs associated with spending more of the working day online. The way employees and organisations have adapted and accelerated their digital transformation journeys over the last year has been incredible. However, by plugging the gap with shorter term solutions, the focus on the employee experience has been lost.”

He added: “We’ve seen, from our own data, the sheer amount of time and cost associated with users grappling with unintuitive tech. Often employees are forced out of applications, resorting to search engines online to try and figure out how to access a particular part of an application or to complete a task, and it’s costing themselves and businesses valuable time.”