Lana Jay, Europa Worldwide Group

Despite the economic downturn as a result of Covid-19, Dartford headquartered ambitious logistics provider, Europa Worldwide Group, is continuing to invest in the next generation of talent in logistics, with the re-launch of its innovative RAPID Career Development Programme.

Following its launch in early 2019, Europa visited over 40 schools around the UK, meeting over 700 interested students. Hundreds of applications were whittled down to the RAPID Recruits of 2019, with individuals placed across both its Europa Road and Europa Air & Sea divisions.

Now, Europa is again looking for the ‘brightest and best’ young people from across the country, offering an exciting career in sales. Successful applicants will have a starting salary of £22,500, benefits including a company car and the chance to earn extra commission after just a few months.

Lana Jay, Europa Worldwide Group’s Early Careers Talent Manager is delighted the business is continuing to invest in recruitment. She said: “Following the 2019 RAPID activity we have been inundated by schools requesting further opportunities for students, so we are delighted to re-launch Europa’s Rapid Career Development Programme. We’re using new and innovative ways including the creation of an E-brochure and hosting Virtual Assemblies, to manage the process in a safe and efficient way, bearing in mind the Covid-19 restrictions in place.”


Europa Worldwide Group is a specialist road, air & sea and warehouse operator, with a £205m turnover which employs over 1,000 staff across 16 sites in the UK, plus Belgium and Hong Kong.

The initiative is the brainchild of Europa’s Managing Director Andrew Baxter, designed to appeal to highly ambitious and focused individuals who are keen to earn and learn, hit the ground running and progress up the career ladder from as early as 18-years-old.

Lana continues: “This is an innovative and dynamic initiative providing an exciting opportunity for school leavers. We have a uniquely tailored programme of training and development to support their transition from school education to becoming Sales Superstars at Europa.”

Europa’s own management team can tell some inspiring success stories of starting at a junior level and working their way up to Director level, moving roles internally and progressing and developing gradually through the business.

Interested applicants can apply now for a September 2021 start.