Melanie Cope Machial

A Manchester law firm has been named among the finalists for a highly esteemed tech award which honours companies reshaping the industry.

Barings Law has been recognised in the British Insurance Technology Awards which spotlights companies at the forefront of the industry, leveraging technology to enhance their services and drive innovation.

The firm was shortlisted for the ‘Best Use of Technology’ in the Legal Services category which celebrates companies which encourage innovation, transparency, and efficiency in the UK insurance industry.

Barings Law’s entry showcased a strategic migration to Zoho CRM, streamlining operations and automating tasks, leading to faster case resolutions and heightened client satisfaction, while also increasing service capacity and reducing operational costs.


Additionally, the adoption of cloud-based technology enhanced remote working capabilities and data security, solidifying the firm’s position as an industry leader in legal services.

Joining Barings Law in the category are legal powerhouses DWF Law LLP and Weightman LLP, underscoring the firm’s rising prominence as a key player in the legal sector, driven by its steadfast dedication to innovation.

Melanie Cope Machial, who heads up the marketing and technology department at Barings Law said she was very proud and excited for the firm to be shortlisted.

“It’s a very impressive award to be nominated for and it shows just how big our reach is and what we have achieved for our clients.

“We’ve always said Barings Law is first and foremost a tech firm before a law firm. Innovation is at the heart of everything. We embrace that every day and always look to find innovative ways to provide our services.”

The law firm uses tech to streamline the customer journey and constantly finds ways to be more efficient without compromising quality.

The firm’s strategic investment in technology empowers its legal team to streamline case processing, freeing them from administrative burdens and enabling a focus on delivering enhanced legal services to clients.

Due to the new intelligent documentation generation technology implemented by the firm, fee earners spend less time drafting and more time focusing on legal arguments and providing exceptional client care.

This in turn, as explained by Ms Cope Machial, results in quicker case resolution and a more personalised service experience.

The British Insurance Technology Awards shortlist also highlights firms which address challenges that clients in the industry face aligning with Barings Law’s focus on improving customer experience.

Ms Cope Machial added: “The transition to a more scalable and customisable system allowed us to handle an increased volume of cases without compromising quality.

“This not only improved our service capacity but also reduced operational costs by minimising manual interventions, allowing resource reallocation to higher-value tasks.

“All of this makes our clients’ lives easier. There are not many firms that have done it, and we are very proud to stand out for our achievements.

“Embracing technology isn’t just about staying ahead; it’s about staying relevant. In today’s legal landscape, technology is the foundation upon which efficient and client-centric legal services are built. And we hope to continue using it for good.”