Rebel educator Marilyn Pinto releases new book 'Smarter Richer Braver' on how parents can starting talking to their teenagers about money

Recent figures from This Is Money show that the number of 16-24-year-olds seeking financial help with credit cards, loans and debt services has more than trebled in the last five years. Also, according to research by MoneySupermarket, it’s estimated that nearly six out of ten 16-24-year-olds now have a credit card. As Generation Z continue to struggle with their finances, Marilyn Pinto reveals how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls in her new book.

In Smarter Richer Braver, Marilyn provides an essential manual for parents, revealing the importance of teaching teenagers how to manage money effectively, as well as highlighting the likely outcome if teenagers fail to learn this basic life skill.

Marilyn, a self-professed ‘rebel educator’ is the founder of KFI Global, an award-winning, revolutionary education company that specialises in teaching teenagers how to make smarter financial decisions. Her unique expertise is distilled into the book to empower parents globally.

“The vast majority of our children – even if they leave school with extensive academic qualifications – leave without any idea of how to manage money in preparation for the rest of their lives,” states Marilyn. “Sure, they might have been taught about the importance of saving, but do they know how to really make money work for them? How to build a solid financial future for themselves? No, they don’t. They simply aren’t taught in school.”


Through Smarter Richer Braver, Marilyn hopes to guide parents in giving the gift of financial literacy to their teens, equipping them for a future of making smarter decisions about their money.

“Financial literacy is the most important life skill kids can learn in their teenage years,” Marilyn explains. “It’s a skill that will help them step up, stand out and live a life on their own terms, safe in the knowledge they are financially empowered for life.”

In this book, Marilyn shares insights into the current financial climate for young people, identifying potential risks inherent to the digital era and offers ways to teach teens how to manage and mitigate these risks to create a stable financial environment for themselves as adults.

Often families shy away from talking about money, but Marilyn challenges that norm, digging deep into the importance of financial education, where common pitfalls lie, and how to creatively teach teenagers to ensure financial literacy is a priority in their lives.

Smarter Richer Braver is a must-read for parents looking to teach their teenagers how to make smart financial decisions, leaving them feeling empowered as they venture into the real world.

Smarter Richer Braver is published by Rethink Press and is available on Amazon.