A Leeds-based aesthetics clinic has helped to put smiles back on the faces of two breast cancer survivors by offering free medical tattooing to give them natural looking pigmentation following reconstruction.

Evolve Medical, in Pudsey has a team made up of qualified consultants, GPs, nurses and beauty therapists, headed up by registered nurse Rachel Green who has over 20 years’ experience, and dedicated semi-permanent makeup artist, Emma Bartlam leads the way with this tattooing service.

Emma said: “In my view, medical tattooing gives patients a confidence boost. It is part of the process of healing and recovery, as it helps patients feel their normal self again after such a terrible ordeal.

“We generally see patients when they are at their lowest in terms of confidence and after what they have been through, for most patients the treatment plays a small but an important part in making them feel beautiful again. Both men and women are affected by breast cancer and the journey to recovery is tough – these people are warriors, and seeing the smile on their faces at the finished results after we add that final touch is an incredible feeling.”


While this type of service is available on the NHS, a patient may have to wait over two years to be seen whereas Evolve can usually see patients for consultations within a few weeks, and then provide treatment soon after that.

All medical tattooing is semi-permanent, as the depth of the needles into the skin is quite shallow so the pigments do fade over time – this is much gentler on the skin than the more traditional mainstream tattoo process. Colour boost sessions are recommended every two-to-three years to maintain the finished results.

Emma continued: “I was really honoured to offer these free treatments – those who have been through breast cancer might not have the funds to pay privately and after dealing with the treatment process, are often left with little self-confidence – although to the outside world they are incredibly brave individuals.

“While we are a private clinic and a business, our team genuinely cares and goes above and beyond when possible – this was an opportunity to make a huge difference to people’s lives with just one small act.”

The Leeds-based aesthetics clinic recently made an initial six-figure investment of over £500,000 in new premises, staff and equipment to become the first CQC-registered practice in the area, with an ongoing annual commitment of over £400,000 to retain this highly respected medical standard.